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Rep. Lou Barletta: There is 'nothing more dangerous' than immigration reform

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On April 9, 2014 at the annual "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" held by the anti-immigrant group fair, Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) told noted anti-immigrant conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney that Obama is a dictator and that "there may not be anything more dangerous" than comprehensive immigration reform.

"This has been a slippery slope that this administration has taken, that the president has taken, walking over the Constitution and taking us down a path that, quite frankly, I don't know if we've ever been this far down a road before, on a road to where we’re now electing a dictator who will try to pick and choose what laws and challenging Congress to try to stop me," Barletta said of the president's support for immigration reform.

"And there may not be anything more dangerous than what he's doing, to give amnesty to millions of people. We know for a fact that there are people who have come here illegally who want to harm America."

After years of ridiculous rhetoric and conspiracy theories, we know what Barletta really means by that. Several of Barletta's cohorts have already made it perfectly clear that they oppose immigration reform strictly for the purpose of preventing the immigrants from voting against them. What is really endangered by immigration reform is an increasingly rigid, uncompromising and overall unforgiving Republican party.



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