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Rep. Elijah Cummings bullied by Rep. Darrell Issa

Reported yesterday, the Congressional Black Caucus requested for Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to be terminated from his duties of Chairing the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Video recordings revealed Issa to lead the committee in a "one sided investigation," according to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.)

Rep. Darrell Issa, adjourns investigation hearing before other committee members can ask questions.
Rep. Darrell Issa, adjourns investigation hearing before other committee members can ask questions.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Rep. Elijah Cummings disagrees with Darrell Issa handling the IRS investigation hearing
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

It seems bullying isn't just happening at schools or in cyber space, it happens between American representatives.

The committee was in process to review the alleged accounts of the Internal Revenue Service for targeting specific political groups. However, after IRS personnel, Lois Lerner stated she pled the Fifth Amendment, Issa went to adjourn the meeting, but didn't ask if other committee members had any questions for Lerner. Then Cummings accused the chairman of being "one sided, and Un-American," because Issa blatantly ignored his request to ask a few questions.

The video shows Issa not only ignoring Cummings request, but wouldn't look at him then turned off his microphone, and excusing Lerner from having to answer his questions.

While committee members and staff were walking out following Issa, the Maryland congressman stayed seated and asked, "what are we hiding?"

However, after many attempts from Cummings, Issa continued to try and stop him, and gestured to cut recording of the meeting in the middle of Cummings trying to speak.

Cummings said, he has had enough of these "one sided investigations, and there is something absolutely wrong with that, and it was absolutely Un-American." He further elaborated that were were other members in the room, which represent more than 700,000 Americans. An unidentified person in the room can be heard cheering on Cummings with, "Here, Here." In the video Issa is seen walking away. Other well-known groups agree with Cummings standing up for the American people.

The Congressional Black Caucus, released a letter yesterday, addressed to House Speaker, John Boehner, claiming Issa's leadership was abusive. They believe Issa not only abused a United States Representative, but abused a process for the American people.

Congressman Darrell Issa of California abused his authority and therefore must be reprimanded to ensure the dignity of the House of Representative is preserved.

And further, he refused committee members’ participation during the
hearing. Mr. Issa’s conduct is unequivocally unacceptable for a member of the House of Representatives

Yesterday, Cummings asked his followers on his Facebook page to watch him discuss the "Democratic privilege resolution of condemning Issa’s actions," in a press conference.

However, Boehner doesn't agree with reprimanding Issa. In fact, he agrees with his actions. He said, he believes Issa as the chair had the right to adjourn the meeting.

Some have a completely different words to describe Issa's actions.

Joan Walsh, contributor for 'Salon' said, Issa's hand gesture to cut the mic, reminded her of "thuggish."

Do you think Rep. Elijah Cummings was bullied by Rep. Darrell Issa, and his actions diminished the American right to a democratic process?

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