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Rep. Anthony Weiner explosion goes viral

An angry Rep. Anthony Weiner responds to opposition
An angry Rep. Anthiony Weiner explodes at GOP

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) exploded in anger on the floor of the House of Representatives on Thursday, and his tirade has gone viral since then. At the time of this writing, the numerous videos of it on You Tube have accumulated 700,000 views.

So why all the interest? Is it because people are passionate about politics, or is it because Americans just like to watch a good fight? The answer is both.

Ever since Barack Obama became President, Congress has become more dysfunctional than it has been in recent history. While there has always been heated political debate, partisan opposition, and even obstructionist tactics used by both parties in Congress, the Republican Party has elevated their obstructionism to a new level not seen for decades, choosing gridlock as their only answer in the face of resounding defeat in the 2008 general election.

As the public debate on the most important issues of our day have become more heated, stoked by a systematic, no-holds-barred anti-Obama campaign on the part of FOXNews, Right-wing political groups, and lobbyists, tempers have flared both in and out of Congress. On Thursday, Rep Weiner popped his cork over the defeat of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, a popular bill that would set aside money to pay the health care costs for first responders to the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Many of the brave men and women are still dealing with respiratory ailments caused by the dust and debris that filled the air on that terrible day and the horrible days that followed. Some of those brave souls undoubtedly reside in his Weiner's own Congressional district in Queens and Brooklyn, NY, which made it personal.

The bill is a popular bill with 115 co-sponsors in the House, including 15 Republicans. Sounds like a slam dunk for passage, right? Not in this Congress.

Republicans decided to take this popular bill for the benefit of the true heroes of 9/11, and turn it into a "poison pill" for the Democrats by adding an amendment that would prevent any first responders who were illegal immigrants from collecting any of the health benefits in the bill. Nobody really knows or cares if any of the 9/11 first responders were illegal immigrants, though it seems an unlikely scenario since most government agencies tend to be fairly comprehensive in their hiring of police officers, firefighters and EMT's, but supposedly it could be possible.

The reason for the "poison pill" tactic was that the amendment would be used as a GOP talking point in the upcoming mid-term elections, and the "poison pill" amendment would set up a lose-lose situation for the Democrats. Getting Democrats to vote in favor of benefits for any potential illegal immigrants would anger voters in conservative districts, and voting against it would anger Hispanics, a key Democratic constituency.

From an obstructionist point of view it was a brilliant move by the GOP, and in essence put the Dems in checkmate. From the viewpoint of helping the heroes of 9/11, it was a dirty trick that sealed the defeat of the bill. The Democrats responded by employing a procedure which would preclude any further amendments, but by doing so, it forced them to win by a two-thirds majority for the bill to pass. Checkmate, game over.

The Zadroga Act failed passage by 35 votes shy of the two-thirds majority. That was when Rep. Weiner popped his cork and shouted down his cowardly but shrewd Republican colleagues who tried to interrupt his speech at the podium.

Yes, we all love to watch a good fight, but not when it takes your eye off the ball. This political football game the Republicans have played since day one of the Obama Administration is bad for the country and in this case, bad for the families who are still living through the hell of the worst terrorist act on American soil in history. Whether or not the Liz and Dick Cheney's of the world will admit it, it was an act of terrorism that happened on their watch and at least they owe it to the families touched by this tragedy the courtesy to stop their partisanship pouting and do what's right.

Rep. Weiner had every right to explode, because those men and women who worked through the most horrendous conditions and tragedy imaginable deserve better than being caught in the middle of pure and simple politics.

Photo credit: Captured from publicly shared video

Sources: You Tube, The Christian Science Monitor, Rep. Anthony Weiner's Congressional website


  • walrus 5 years ago

    politics 101:
    you NEVER vote against puppies, children, widows and rescue heroes.

    this is coming back to bite the republicans in november...november is looking better and better...just give republicans enough rope and they will hang themselves.

  • Patrick 5 years ago

    Weiner is just a snake. This is the guy who still refuses to say WHO comes after you if you don't pay the fine for not having health insurance. He is the guy who repeated a thousand times that the fine was NOT a tax.
    Well we all know how big a liar he is now don't we!
    Writing this article in his defense on those merits alone is tasteless. This guy is a snake and his party affiliation is irrelevant. There are some from the other side of the isle as well. And we should stop giving shoutouts to these idiots.

  • walrus 5 years ago

    are you serious? the video is going viral because people are loving it...Weiner going after republicans for voting against 9/11 rescue heroes just earned him his next 2 elections.

  • shaking my head in disgust 5 years ago

    ugh. what next?!? these dirty, greedy, politicans are tearing apart our country! stop acting like a bunch of little children who just got their favorite toy taken away, and do some work for the good of the people.... whether or not it will make your own pocket fatter..... you fat heads!!!

  • Goulda 5 years ago

    At least some one is showing there anger and their true beliefs instead of kust following their party. Paterick calls him a snake but who isn,t I think thst if anyone is showing honesty then it is wiener and yeah like walrus says just let the nuce get bigger and let tem hang for it. I myself am against health care yhe only thing it will do is just raise taxes and most people won't be able to aford it.

  • Goulda 5 years ago

    But I am for this bill.

  • Brendan 5 years ago

    Patrick: If you read the Healthcare Bill, it explicitly states that failing to pay the tax will not result in any repercussions. Even if the tax did come with the normal tax evasion laws in effect, those laws are incredibly seldom used, virtually always settled, and the end result is that only a very small handful of people ever see jailtime for tax evasion, those being the completely egregious violations.

  • artimus 5 years ago

    ummmm, brendan i think what you need to be telling patrick is to stop watching Glen Beck and Sean Hannity, these guys are the most unAmerican, pro corporate conservatives on television. FOX news is evil. If anyone disagrees just do a little research on Rupert Murdoch. He and his cronies are the snakes.

  • Laughing Chimp 5 years ago

    and so, at last, we see the beginning of a counter campaign to the Republican'ts... exposing them for the "politics is all and screw the people" philosophy they have embraced.

    they just stepped in the burning bag of #$%^ left on their doorstep and will be dealing with the stink all the way into november.

  • Dave 5 years ago

    Wow... The writer of this article must be a democrat. I can tell because they are an idiot.

  • Real...Get it. 5 years ago

    Both sides are equally slimy. Democrats had the votes to pass this bill. If they truly cared about the rescue workers as much as they claimed, they could have passed it with that "poison pill" that the writer of this article admits would have had virtually no effect. They chose not to - for political reasons. They picked "not angering hispanic voters" over passing the bill. The facts of the matter are this: The votes (Democrat AND Republican) were there for the bill. It was the Democrats who changed the rules and made the requirements for passage impossible. They could have passed it at any time.

    So who's playing dirtier politics? The minority party, or the party with the votes to pass something that willfully refuses?

  • @Real.. 5 years ago

    Except the rep(tile)s had a whole package of poison pill amendments they were attemptig to insert, trying to pack the bill with enough toxins to force the dems to vote against their own bill.

    Rep(tile)s own this one, just like they're going to end up owning the mythical tax increase of non-extended tax cuts come November.

  • Gates9 5 years ago

    Congressman Weiner was absolutely justified in his outrage. The terms he put the debate into were right on the money;

    "You vote yes if you believe it's the right thing to do"

    The procedural nonsense the Republicans have been subjecting ALL legislation to in recent years has been the bane of the legislative process, and the very reason Congress has such a low approval rating.

    The Republicans know this. It's what they want.

    It takes very little time in researching voting tallies and procedures in the House and Senate to come to the realization that Republicans are simply gumming up the works. Stalling votes, imposing "super-majority" rules, and generally turning the bills into garbage with amendments. Then they turn to their constituency and say; "Hey, look at this terrible bill that the Democrats shoved down your throats!".

    It's disgusting, and frankly, all too obvious.

    This vote was a prime example. These people can't even vote for a humanitarian bill for 911 rescue w

  • Laughing Chimp 5 years ago

    that's Republican'ts, gates9. spread the meme.

  • ZJD 5 years ago

    Wow... Dave must be a Republican. I can tell because he resorted to a childish insult instead of actually contributing to this discourse.

    On a side note: if you like seeing Anthony Weiner call out his Republican colleagues for what they are, Youtube "Anthony Weiner deal with it". It dates back to the days when they were diligently obstructing healthcare reform.

  • artimus 5 years ago

    The Obama administration is only doing right for the American people instead of their stock portfolios as the republicans do. However it cannot be denied that there is corporate influence on both sides, at least the liberals havent sold out to over seas corporations and saudi oil companies. I personally would much rather see influence from American companies based on restructuring America than the other. Regardless what this nation truly needs is a 28th Amendment of the Constitution: "The Separation of Corporation and State." This is the only salvation to keeping a respectable and humane government. The Tea Party movement is a joke. They want to oust the current administration to replace with an oil influenced administration. Sorry but America isnt dumb enough to see that Tea Partiers are just Republicans in disguise.

  • Wavecat 4 years ago

    Rep. Peter King said this morning on Morning Joe that Democrats had enough votes (218) to pass this bill until Nancy Pelosi changed the rule to increase the number of votes to 2/3 (255 votes). If true why did Pelosi do this? Joe Scarborough is furious and says she did it to make it look like Republicans failed to pass the vote in an effort to help Democrats in the up coming elections. So, who really killed the vote? Sorry first responders, but this is how you congress works. It's all about them being reelected and you can all just KYAGB!

  • Verto 4 years ago

    The 2/3 is used for votes that are should be so obvious they do not go into a long debate.

    The Republicans know if they make congress look useless it will only help them in the November elections

  • artimus 4 years ago

    it is called an arcane procedural maneuver to suspend the rules before consideration of the bill. this bill was a definite no brainer. The heroes of 9/11 need help. 900+ have already died from directly related causes of being in ground zero. The republicans reasoning behind blocking the bill is because some of the rescue workers may have been illegal immigrants. If that being the case why dont we just help the citizens who helped in the rescue efforts and find the illegal ones and execute them in a humane way, you know like with lethal injection or perhaps a firing squad for fiscal purposes.

  • artimus 4 years ago

    in the 12yrs between Dem Presidents Carter and Clinton job growth was 33 million and 20yrs between 2 Bush's and Reagan job growth was 18.82 million. Democrats=12yrs 33 million jobs and GOP=20yrs 18million jobs. Can these numbers speak louder? Please consider these numbers in November!

  • artimus 4 years ago

    in the 12yrs between Dem Presidents Carter and Clinton job growth was 33 million and 20yrs between 2 Bush's and Reagan job growth was 18.82 million. Democrats=12yrs 33 million jobs and GOP=20yrs 18million jobs. Can these numbers speak louder? Please consider these numbers in November!

  • artimus 4 years ago

    in the 12yrs between Dem Presidents Carter and Clinton job growth was 33 million and 20yrs between 2 Bush's and Reagan job growth was 18.82 million. Democrats=12yrs 33 million jobs and GOP=20yrs 18million jobs. Can these numbers speak louder? Please consider these numbers in November!

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