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Renters live with dead body for a year

Samuel McAlpine
Samuel McAlpine
Alaskan State Troopers

The body of a missing Anchorage man that has been missing for almost a year was discovered in his home after the renters moved out on Wednesday.

Samuel E. McAlpine, 37, was last seen on March 17, 2013 and reported missing by his sister over a week later.

Sam had lived in the Eagle River home with his wife, Christine, but they decided to get a divorce, and sell the home. They both moved out and when it didn't sell, they decided to rent it, reports CNN.

During that time, Sam called his mother and said he was going on a date, and then she never heard from him afterwards. Although no one knew where Sam went, he did have a history of disappearing for weeks on end, reported the Anchorage police back in August, and at first no one was too worried about him.

While Sam remained missing, the tenants rented his home on Meadow Creek Drive for almost a year and then moved out. When Christine came in to show the home to a potential renter, she smelled an odor. Following it she went down into a small storage space under the stairs that had a 3-foot-tall door and found Sam's body.

Evidently, the tenants never accessed the storage space under the stairs and never knew that Sam had been there the whole time

Police believe that Sam died from a drug overdose sometime before the tenants moved in.

The Alaska State Medical Examiner's Office will investigate the cause of death.

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