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RENT is due: to rock Town Hall Arts Center

The cast of Town Hall's production of RENT directed & choreographed by Nick Sugar. It opens Sept 17.
The cast of Town Hall's production of RENT directed & choreographed by Nick Sugar. It opens Sept 17.
Courtesy of Town Hall Arts Center

The excitement and energy of Jonathan Larson’s acclaimed rock musical RENT makes its Mile High debut on Friday, September 17 when it opens at Town Hall Arts Center. Town Hall’s presentation of the 1996 winner of four Tony awards, including best musical, is the first locally-produced, professional production in Denver.

The stars have aligned for what promises to be some spectacular performances.

Directed and choreographed by Denver theatre legend Nick Sugar, Town Hall’s production of RENT also features some of the area’s brightest talent: OutFront cover boy Ryan Belinak plays the gay computer age philosophy professor Tom Collins, and the beautiful Amanda Earls fearlessly tackles the role of diva-licious bisexual performer, Maureen.

"This cast inspires me to continue in theater and to create and challenge myself as an artist and believe in the spirit of love and life!" beamed Sugar.  "This is a show that needs to be seen. The message needs to be heard regarding lessons in life, love and creation. The human experience is so important. The arts are so important. The most profound lyric in this show for me comes from the song 'Seasons of Love' and it says 'measure your life in love.' Something everyone should take into account every day."

RENT follows a group of broke, young artists in New York City’s East Village as they struggle to mate, create, and survive urban life with their ideals intact. Based loosely on Puccini’s opera La Boheme, the musical explores modern themes of homosexuality, drug addiction, and AIDS.

"It's an honor to get to present something that has inspired me for so many years," shared Sugar.  "I had just moved from NYC to Denver, after traveling back and forth, when it opened on Broadway and I flew back to see the original cast because I had heard so much about the show. I was blown away!"

The popularity of RENT can be attributed largely to its dynamic score which resonates with themes of hope, love, and seizing the day.  "No Day But Today," one of the musical's numbers, has become an especially fitting mantra for RENT, considering its creator Jonathan Larson tragically passed before the curtains opened on its inaugural performance.

Sugar said, "I believe the show speaks to so many people because of the heart, passion and the message of acceptance of all people, reflected from Johnathon Larson's words who passed away before seeing it's huge success on Broadway." 

Sugar added, "I hope our audiences will leave with a better understanding of what the life of a passionate artist is about. Feeling love for their own families they have created in their lives and to appreciate and nurture what is important to them."

RENT opens September 17, 2010 and runs through October 17, 2010. Tickets are $18.00 - $36.00 and may be purchased by calling Town Hall Arts Center at 303-794-2787 ext. 5 or online at www.townhallartscenter.comRENT promises to draw a packed house, so be sure to secure your seats for this unforgettable performance.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Can't wait to see it! It's a lot to live up to but if I know Nick Sugar and crew, they'll knock it out of the park!

  • Profile picture of Remigio Darby
    Remigio Darby 4 years ago

    Nick Sugar's interpretation of RENT was done expertly. The caliber of talent in this cast is impressive! They triumphantly delivered Jonathan Larson's enduring message of love, hope, and celebrating life. Bravo! Please go and experience it for yourself!

  • Profile picture of Chrissy Morin
    Chrissy Morin 4 years ago

    I loved this movie and would love to see a great stage production of it.

  • Profile picture of Remigio Darby
    Remigio Darby 4 years ago

    RENT just opened this weekend and it was sensational! You will not be disappointed: this show is must see.

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