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Rent a white guy

Anyone need to rent a white guy to help motivate your staff?
Anyone need to rent a white guy to help motivate your staff?

Hours after posting a story about women getting hired solely for being sexy, I came across a radio story about an equally ridiculous job for men. 

The Atlantic Magazine recently ran a story about a group of men paid to be white-collar fakes.  Manufacturing companies, consulting firms, and professional outsourcing departments throughout China are hiring 'quality control consultants' for up to $1,000 a week.  

The job requirements?  Be white, be able to look professional in a suit, and be prepared to travel.  No other skills or professional experience required. 

Many Chinese companies who do not yet have US investors, or do not want their US business partners to visit their sites in China, are hiring stand-ins to play the role of an overseas investor or manager.  In order to give local Chinese managers more credibility with their staff, encourage productivity, and scare workers into creating a better product, Chinese business owners have resorted to parading around white guys in business suits.  The story normally relayed to lower level employees is that these 'important' business partners are just in town for a few days to check up on productivity.

Many times these hired faux businessmen do nothing more than put on a suit, walk through a manufacturing plant, and give employees a stern look.  From time-to-time one of these props is required to deliver a short speech or rally the troops at lunchtime, but mostly they are just paid $1,000 a week to walk around and look slightly disgruntled.   

With a new class of college graduates hitting the job market this month, maybe a handful of them will get a decent paying job overseas pretending to be important. 


  • ???????????? 5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Groves - Want to make some money? Do you like to travel? Do you have a nice suit? Call me.

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