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Rent a dog fundraiser at Clemson a howling success for Oconee Rescue

Oconee Rescue, working in conjunction with the Clemson University Water Sports Club, raised over $650 yesterday in their "Rent A Dog" event, according to the director of the rescue, Sindie Krease. "We are so excited. We are an all-volunteer rescue group that operates exclusively on donations, and this will go a long way towards covering the surgery that one of our dog's needs.In an interview with the Examiner last night", Krease told the examiner last night in an interview.

This gorgeous dog, Blue, is currently in a foster home and is available for adoption through Oconee Rescue, is just relaxing while spending time with a Clemson student.
Jeanne Johnson,
Foster, one of the dogs participating in the Rent a Dog event, was quite popular.
Jeanne Johnson

During the three hour "Rent a Dog" event, Clemson students and people in the Clemson community who made $5 or more donation to the rescue, "rented" the companionship of a dog or puppy for half an hour.

"All of our dogs stayed 'rented' the entire time," said Krease. "We had people waiting in line for dogs to come back."

Krease was very enthusiastic about the Clemson Water Sports Club and other students who volunteered. "They were wonderful. The walked around and kept an eye on the dogs. One young lady lived in a dorm very close, and she kept running back and forth to the dorm bringing us water for the dogs," she said.

Oconee Rescue is the organization that assisted with the rescue of the nine feral puppies during the frigid weather. One of the puppies was adopted at the Adopt-a-thon Saturday at Petsmart, but the remaining puppies participated in the "Rent a Dog" event.

Krease sees the event not just as a fundraiser but also as educational. "The students at Clemson are so great. Once they find out about us, many volunteer to help at Adopt-a-thons and come out and play with the puppies. In the case of the feral puppies, we really needed this because they desperately needed to learn to trust people," she explained. "Now you'd never be able to tell that they got such a rough start."

Oconee Rescue does not have a bricks and mortar shelter. They foster their dogs and puppies in private homes and at the Pet Spa near Seneca, and they are actively recruiting additional foster homes. Foster homes can be short term or long term, ranging from a day to however long it takes the pet to be adopted.

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