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Renewing Your Emotional Energy

When I was in one of my graduate school courses in Counseling Psychology our professor providing a good visual description of emotional energy and health.

"Think of your emotional being as a power source full of positive and negative ions. When you receive love, help, kindness of positive feedback it adds to the pool of positive ions. When you give love, help, kindness or positive feedback you are releasing some of your positive ions to the other person. However, if you are constantly releasing the positive ions and not replenishing them you eventually have only the negative ions; depression, loneliness, feeling un-loved or unappreciated, etc. We need each other in order to renew the positive emotional energy."

I often think about that lesson. It reminds me to be aware of people around me who seem to be in need of an energy renewal. It prompts me, when encountering a negative individual that I might not be able to transform them but I can at least look for a way to provide them with "positive ions" as I interact with them.

At times, it also leads me to look in the mirror to be sure, even if I am feeling positive ion depleted to avoid feeling sorry for myself and seek ways to renew the positive energy. We all have that ability, we just sometimes lose sight of it. The simplest thing to do in those situations is to think about something that brings you joy or inner peace and then engage it proactively.

For me it is listening to peaceful classical music or opening up the binder I keep in my briefcase that contains years of excerpts from poems, books and other literature that I found renewed my spirits when I read them.

Find your sources of renewable emotional energy and especially keep in mind that we need each other as one source of that energy.

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