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Renewal in 2010

Perspective of renewal in 2010.
Perspective of renewal in 2010.
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The beginning of the year offers ideal opportunities to start fresh, renew, with changes that you want to bring into your life. But first, be clear on what it is that you want or what areas of your life you want to renew.

Many people see change only as a negative concept, that it means chaos or even loss of something, but change with clear intent can be about creating more joy, balance or fulfillment -- increasing the good. This kind of change also is more likely to create something more enduring.

New Year's resolutions are often approached with the perspective of what is to be gotten rid of instead of what is to be gained. This kind of change means "ditch this, move on." Or another, "I'm not happy with the way my clothes are fitting. I need to lose some weight." This approach to change can create the human yo-yo effect, and many times the change is only temporary. Many people completely overlook change as the agent of "I really love this. What can I do to create more of this in my life? What is it that does work for me?"

This shift in perspective is significant. For instance, if you want to have more energy and feel good physically, a positive, enduring change would be working out more regularly and eating foods that make you feel more vital -- fresh, whole foods instead of processed, refined ones and drinking more water. A nice side effect of making this kind of change, in addition to more energy and and health, is your clothes end up fitting better. The change is more likely to be permanent.

The focus is on increasing or adding something that is good for you, not on, here's the word -- loss.

Once you figure out what you want to manifest in your life, what next? The answer shouldn't surprise -- goals. Setting a goal is like creating a road map to get where you want to go. Without them, things can fall apart pretty easily. The tricky thing with goals is they have to be realistic.

In the next article, I'll talk about making realistic goals that will succeed.

Mary Claire O'Neal is a nationally known communication consultant, certified coach, speaker and author of the award winning book, Becoming What You Want to See in the World. For more information:


  • Vincent Hicks 5 years ago

    Excellent article, Mary Claire. I will definitely follow your suggestions with my own goal setting. By the way, I also liked the format-- with relevant photo included and key messages in highlight-- of the article.

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