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Renew your mind

God's landscapes
God's landscapes
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Did you know you can renew your mind to stop working against you? It is similar to resetting your computer. The mind is powerful and what we believe or perceive can take root in all that we think, say, and do. Spiritually speaking what you believe and speak out of your mouth comes to pass over your life. If you speak you have poor health, then you will sow poor health. If you speak good health, then you will reap good health. You can choose to declare better days are coming! Reset your mind to stop accepting or obsessing over negative remarks and comments made about you. God wants you to be constantly renewing what you think, say, and do so that you prosper and overcome! You are not meant to be defeated or overcome by life. You are a conqueror through Jesus Christ and God came to deliver you! Learn to renew your mind accepting blessing and prosperity.

Clear out whatever negative mindset anyone says about you, do not let those seeds plant and take root! Do not let it become a reality never accept someone else's mindset for you. Instead, believe what God says about you. You are prosperous, amazing, beautiful, highly favored, victorious, and now better days are coming! You are going to be blessed abundantly when you begin to sow good seed that God wants for you. God determines who you are, so guard your mind like you would your newborn child. If someone says you are a failure erase the memory of it, if someone says you are never going to succeed erase the memory of it. Instead, meditate on goodness and success day and night so that you will prosper and be in health! God designed you to be free from any chains that hold you down and if you believe this, strongholds are breaking right now! In Jesus name. Amen! You will overcome sadness, addiction, pain, affliction, poor health, poverty, poor self-image, and a life of negativity. I declare Jesus powerful healing for you delivering you from all of it, in Jesus name! Amen!

I hope you feel seeds of greatness moving inside you because better days are coming to you. Do not set limits over your life when you know you serve a limitless God! Renew your mind, speak blessing, and receive a life full of overcoming obstacles making you the head and not the tail. If you have a prayer request please contact me as always, stay blessed and in His favor!