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“Renew Can” may replace single-use aluminum

Renew Can
Renew Can
haoshi Design

We consume 106,000 Iron/Aluminum cans every 30 seconds in the United States. Aluminum is undervalued and production of such cans is auctioned out to the lowest global bidder as the process is quite energy intensive -- a laborious, wasteful and unethical supply chain.

convenient unscrewing lid
haoshi Design

haoshi Design, in cooperation with PLA Studio, has developed and is now producing the “Renew Can” which, if broadly adapted by beverage manufacturer’s, could enormously reduce the environmental impact of our “grab-and-go” beverage habits.

The Renew Can is made from Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA), a natural con starch extract. The carbon dioxide emitted by PLA containers is about 40% less than petroleum-based plastics. The can is made with a double-layer design, making it possible for serving hot drinks without scalding your hands. As such, the container is made with a high heat resistant, microwave-safe, PLA.

With a convenient screw top (see picture above) and durable design, the Renew Can is poised for reuse. When your done with it, the can will biodegrade into your compost, providing food -- instead of fill -- for the land.

Renew Cans can be purchased through haoshi Design’s website at a sample/demonstration price as the product is only currently developed in small quantities. If PepsiCo or Coca-Cola embraced this technology, the large-scale production would significantly reduce the cost of purchasing the cans. Plus, the reduced energy cost of creating PLA-based containers may free them up to make the units domestically -- there is no crime in optimism!