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Renegade Kid takes to Kickstarter for "Cult County"

Following the success of their Dementium series, the crew at Renegade Kid have taken to Kickstarter to promote their latest horror endeavor. Cult County promises a story-driven, episodic experience inspired by Telltale's The Walking Dead, as well as horror classics like Silent Hill 2. Renegade Kid has stated that they've taken to Kickstarter in order to self-publish this title, which would allow them to retain complete control over their IP. Contractual obligations have prevented the developer from continuing the Dementium series, leading them to create Cult County as its spiritual successor.

Darkness lurks beyond the dust cloud
Photo courtesy of Renegade Kid, used with permission

In Cult County, players will assume the role of Gavin Mellick, who travels to a small town in order to inform his sister of their mother's illness. Unable to locate her, Gavin goes to the locals for help, but it isn't long before he begins hearing about a strange cult that resides in the area. A violent dust storm kicks up, distorting the player's vision as they try to navigate the small town (possibly a nod to Konami's aforementioned horror series). From what we've seen and heard so far, it appears that Renegade Kid is doing their best to offer an experience that is both intriguing and new, as well as reminiscent of the genre's roots.

The Kickstarter page features an announcement video, as well as some pre-alpha footage of the game as a working concept. The footage is brief, but shows off the game's lighting engine, which is adjusted and tweaked throughout the demonstration for optimal creepiness. Rewards included for backing the project feature a digital art booklet and soundtrack CD, as well as the ability to receive the game's alpha build, or to help design the enemies and characters that will bring Cult County to life. Unfortunately, Renegade Kid has only managed to raise approximately $43,000 of their $580,000 goal, with only one week left of the campaign.

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