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Renegade atheist groups making life miserable for American citizens

Many "atheists" argue about God being angry and out of control....which refutes the definition of atheism.

The majority of atheists are not swayed one way or the other regarding religion. Since the majority of atheists reject the idea of any deity existing, they really don’t get pushed out of shape when those embracing religious traditions wish to do so. It is the boisterous, obnoxious groups as the Freedom From Religion Foundation that generates the disproportionate noise.

Demonstrating a blatant disregard for the First Amendment, the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Wisconsin actually had the audacity of attacking Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney for inviting a chaplain to do voluntary ministry to his players.

Angry atheists of the FFRF called it “scandalous” and demanded it to be shut down. In a perversion of the US Constitution, the FFRF spouted that Coach Swinney’s exercise of his Christian faith was “unconstitutional”, an example of hypocrisy at its worst from the FFRF.

Clemson University is standing behind Coach Swinney since players are not mandated to attend any religious session, and let’s face it, we are talking about adults here.

It does not bother the FFRF that they are more guilty of abridging the First Amendment of the US Constitution by violating the free expression of religion.

Renegade groups purporting to represent atheists are attacking the rights of American citizens nationwide. In Lake Elsinore, California a grieving mother who tragically lost her son in an automobile accident was forced to remove a cross memorializing her son because the heartless humanist group the American Humanist Association demanded the city to remove it.

Ann Marie Devaney fought back the tears as she removed the cross honoring her teenage son Anthony who was killed in 2012. Since the cross was erected on a government own roadway, the AHA claimed it was unconstitutional.
The AHA’s spokesperson attorney Monica Miller said, “It should be taken down now because they’ve had it up for a long time and ever since it was put up, it really has been unconstitutional”.

Groups as the FFRF and AHA have been increasing their attacks on displays of religious expression through lawsuits and applying pressure to any organization that is perceived to be taking part in anything with religious symbolism.

The US Constitution forbids the government in the establishment of any federally sponsored religion, however there is also explicit direction “not to restrict the expression” of any religion.

Unfortunately rulings have been coming down against religion from advocate judges in recent years and this has encouraged atheistic or humanistic groups to restrict religious freedom even further. There has been more action directed to water down the religious clause of the First Amendment than in any other time in American history.

Although not in the US Constitution, separation of church and state phrase has been abused to the point that religious expression is suppressed not only in government, but the religious entities themselves are coming under attack. It is unacceptable for religion to intervene in government, however it is acceptable for government to intervene in religion. This is how far off the mark the interpretation of the First Amendment is.

There are illogical fallacies to absorb concerning these small factional groups that continue to pull the straw man argument to justify their existence. The classic is the FFRF’s puzzling accusation against Clemson’s football coach. One cannot conjure up a better contradiction than the one FFRF dreamed up.

One wonders if the FFRF understands the definition of what an atheist actually is since such passion in outright hatred of God appears to be their core theme. It is difficult to understand their preoccupation with God when they claim not to believe God exists or any other deity. Based on their declarations they actually believe in God….they just have animosity towards God which refutes their own claimed atheism. Go figure.

As science moves forward, the probability that God exists in another dimension or universe is now on the table of discussion. One can no longer flatly say God does not exist since the possibilities are off the scale with the theory of “chaotic inflation”. You logically could be an agnostic, but atheism can no longer definitively say that God does not exist. The boundless possibilities that exist in billions of universes and dimensions need thorough investigation before making unrealistic claims.

Atheists exercise the same faith that there is no God that Christian use to counter that there is a God.

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