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Renee Oteri married: Photos and details from 'The Bachelor' star's wedding

Renee Oteri marries her childhood sweetheart.
Renee Oteri marries her childhood sweetheart.
Renee Oteri Instagram

Renee Oteri is married. She was not Juan Pablo Galavis' pick at the end of his season of "The Bachelor" on ABC, but she has found love on her own. On March 21, Andria Lindquist shared photos from Renee's wedding ceremony on her site. Renee was married at a courthouse in Seattle last night, and she shared more about her wedding in an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment as well. It was a small gathering. Renee, her fiance Bracy Maynard, her son, the photographer, and Desiree Hartsock from "The Bachelorette" were in attendance for the ceremony. Desiree was the first to send her congratulations to the couple after they were married. The women have become close since Renee's move to Seattle.

Renee and Bracy do not have a new romance. This couple reunited after Renee returned home after appearing on "The Bachelor" with Juan Pablo. She was sent home after hometown dates. Renee recently moved to Seattle to live with Bracy. She said the following about the emotional ceremony to Wetpaint:

The best part of the whole day was when they said that we are married… we are officially married. I can't believe it. And when he read his vows to me, and when I tried to read mine. I bawled hysterically. We wrote our own vows, but I couldn’t even read them. I couldn’t even make it through a sentence. So, Bracy went first and of course he hand wrote his… And I read mine off my iPhone.

Renee met Bracy when she was 12, and she revealed that she wrote in her diary that she would marry him one day after they met. They did date for a bit, but the relationship ended in 2010. Renee definitely can thank Juan Pablo for sending her home because she has found true love without the help of ABC.

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