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Renee Graziano and Natalie Guercio argue on ‘Mob Wives’ reunion

Renee Graziano and Natalie Guercio spent the “Mob Wives” reunion arguing and rehashing the past season. VH1 reports on Feb. 27 that Graziano was not looking forward to the reunion because of the drama. Graziano also fought with Drita D’Avanzo during the special who declared she was never her friend.

Renee Graziano
Photo by Eugene Gologursky
Renee Graziano
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for DirecTV

Graziano was at the center of two large arguments during the “Mob Wives” reunion as she fought with both Guercio and D’Avanzo. Guercio discussed Las Vegas with Graziano and pointed out her drinking was a problem before the trip. The two reality stars fought over who had the right to talk about her recovery, and Graziano claimed Guercio supplied her with cocaine. Although Graziano admitted to regretting her behavior in Las Vegas and her attack on Guercio, she still felt hurt by the other wives not standing up for her.

The other Graziano fight during the reunion focused on D’Avanzo’s questioning why she discussed her husband Lee with Karen Gravano. Amid the cursing and yelling, D’Avanzo tried to make the point that Graziano should not have been talking about Lee with anyone and that she has never been a true friend.

Even Alicia DiMichele took aim at Graziano during the special by claiming she was spreading stories about her to the media. Similar to D’Avanzo’s story, DiMichele shared that Graziano had spent time with her husband’s ex-girlfriend. The reunion brought the expected drama to the table as the wives tried to settle their differences from the season.