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Render Them Useless’ hard work pays off during Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator

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PUEBLO, Colo.—Render Them Useless was a force to be reckoned with at Phil’s Radiator, on May 25. They were the opening act, along with: The Chelios Condition, Floaty Raft, Despicable Dialects, Alone, Stolen Format, The Widowhood Effect and Still Valley. Bridges was the direct support and Gozer was the headliner.

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Dustin Cowden is the vocalist, Gerald Kirby is the bassist and backup vocalist, Kris Von Jares is the rhythm Guitarist, Wacey “Khemo” Seufer is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist and Joseph Runyan is the drummer of Render Them Useless.

Before Render Them Useless began their performance with “Stand Up”, Cowden encouraged everyone occupying the beer garden to make their way inside the venue and listen to the music. As some people made their way back into the venue, he introduced his band’s name. He mentioned they were a progressive metal band hailing from Colorado Springs, Colo. As Seufer strummed his guitar and jumped in place, his hat fell off. The same had occurred to Runyan, as he struck his drums full force.

Prior to “In Loving Memory”, Cowden mentioned he had written the song for someone whom had recently passed away. He stated it could be difficult to tell someone how they really felt, especially those whom mean the most to them and on the brink of passing away. He went onto dedicate the song to any those whom felt the same way and to those whom lost someone. Kirby and Von Jares assisted Cowden with backup vocals, during the chorus. They ended the song with an instrumental.

Cowden thanked the spectators for sticking around for their performance. He went onto speak of the inspiration behind the next song, “Dancing With Death”. He said it was about some women at most bars. He was referring to the ones whom could not handle their alcohol in public and would act inappropriately for attention.

Seufer wanted the crowd to get more involved with Render Them Useless’ performance, during “Sword and Shield”. He led the way and walked into the general admission area, as he strummed his guitar. Cowden noticed how much fun he was having and joined in. Seufer remained on the floor, as Cowden remained on stage. After the song came to a conclusion, the crowd yelled for one more song and they granted their request. Cowden mentioned “Last Waltz” was new but would attempt it anyway.