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Renaissance Festival Fashion

Joni and I at Renaissance Festival in Tampa, FL
Joni and I at Renaissance Festival in Tampa, FL

If you have ever been to a renaissance festival, you are aware that fashion is very diverse at these events. It ranges from beautiful costumes to mullets and cut-off jean shorts (which makes for GREAT people watching!).

Joni and I at Renaissance Festival in Tampa
Photo by: Becky Alexander

At a recent renaissance festival in Tampa, FL, not only did I see this assorted fashion, but also found a new and very talented friend! Her name is Joni Nathan and she literally stopped me in my tracks when I saw her in her costume. After taking a picture with her we began to talk and I found out that she actually makes her own costumes!

Joni said that she has been sewing for about ten years and it was her love of the beautiful costumes at renaissance festivals that got her started. Soon after embarking upon costume making, she decided to try her luck at making her own every-day clothes.

“I got interested in making every day clothes for myself for the fact that I have had a hard time finding clothes that would fit me the right way since I was not the really every day mold of a girl.”

She said that over the past ten years, her style has evolved mainly due to making costumes as well as her ability. She has even gone as far as to making her sisters wedding dress!

Joni plans to continue to make costumes for renaissance festivals she participates in, as well making clothes for herself and others. She is currently working on developing more clothes and getting her work out to the public. As of now, she can be found via her Facebook page.

If you are interested in Joni’s work, feel free to contact her at or find her on Facebook (Joni Nathan).

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  • Daddy J 5 years ago

    Sweet threads. That wedding dress she made was pretty rad!

  • Kim Taylor 5 years ago

    Super cool! That gal obviously has mad sewing skills!

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