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Renae Gross and three area men post 300 games as area scoring tempo picks up

Renae Gross fires first career perfect game in league play at Treasure Lanes.
Renae Gross fires first career perfect game in league play at Treasure Lanes.

After a lower-than-normal pace at the outset of the new year, the scoring tempo picked up during recent league play at bowling centers in the Sarasota-Manatee-Charlotte County area.

Although three area men posted perfect games, the headline performance in this week's high-score report is a 300 game rolled by Renae Gross in the Tuesday Morning Ladies League at Treasure Lanes.

The perfecto jump-started a 769 series, which was completed by games of 246 and 223, and it was her first perfect score after several recent near-misses, including a 299 in 2012 and a pair of 298s in 2011.

"It feels like it has taken forever," said the 41-year-old righthander. "I was good with the nerves until I got to the final ball, and I had to reset three times (before the last delivery). First, I was distracted by a bowler off to my right, and then, I got up there and forgot to put my feet where they belong. Then, I took a huge breath, reset for the third time and smashed the pocket.

"I couldn't believe they all fell. It was an amazing sight. I certainly want to thank several people: Scott Long at A Better Pro Shop, for drilling my equipment and providing me with good pointers; Mike Niehaus, who taught me how to bowl; Mike Aleshire, who makes me better just by bowling with him; and my husband (Ralph) and my family for their priceless support."

Gross also posted 226-652 numbers in the Monday Night Ladies League and 226-642 in the Beef O'Brady's/Parquette Insurance League, both also at Treasure Lanes.

Shedrow and Sell also attain perfection

David Shedrow and Greg sell are no stranger to high-score accomplishments, and both blasted recent perfect games.

Shedrow, averaging 223 in the La Malinche Restaurant League at Sarasota Lanes, pounded out games of 201, 300 and 268 for a 769 total. And Sell posted games of 246, 300 and 211 en route to a 757 series in the Amore's Italian Restaurant League at AMF Venice, where he carries a 209 average.

... and what happened on Aleshire's 12th ball?

For the first time since Mike Aleshire deliberately tried for a low count, finishing with a 293 after opening a game with 11 consecutive strikes on Jan. 7, he had another shot at perfection in the same league on Tuesday night (Jan. 28).

After amassing a career total of 70 perfect games, Aleshire recently announced that he was going to begin a quest to roll every score from 290 to 300, and in his first two attempts at that goal, he tried for a 291 with a 1-count but wound up with scores of 290 and 293.

So what happened after he began Game 2 in the Aero Sol Men's League at Treasure Lanes with the first 11? He pounded the pocket for a perfect game, but does that represent a change of heart by the 33-year-old righthander?

"Not really," Aleshire asserted. " I haven't abandoned my quest for 290-to-300, but while I was discussing (with my teammates) what low-count to attempt, the person I was bowling against, my good friend Joe Catropa, dared me to roll a perfect game against him, so I did. However, I still have the same (290-to-300) goal, so next time, the results are likely to be different."

Aleshire finished the league session with a 732 series -- opening with a 217 and concluding with 215 -- to leave his average at 226.

Hanfelder and Schwartz fall just short of perfection

Bill Hanfelder had the pins falling his way with a 192-over average 786 series highlighted by a 299 game in the Friday Mixed League at Englewood Bowl.

"I just got back to bowling two years ago after a 12-year absence, and I left a 7-pin on the final ball of the 299," said Hanfelder, who had the big game sandwiched between scores of 221 and 266.

Donnie Schwartz, making his first appearance in the Friday Mixed League at Bowland Port Charlotte, fired games of 226, 299 and 239 en route to a 764 series.

"I left the 8-pin on the last ball (of the 299), said Schwartz. "I was rolling a Manic (ball) drilled by Nick Gassera, and the ball has been working real well, as I had series of 685 and 764 on back-to-back nights."

A.J. Ursomanno also had an 11-in-a-row effort in the Friday Mixed League at Bowland, posting a 290 game in the middle of a 642 series.

Two area players posted far-over-average games: Wayne Kindt, with a 115-over 261 in the Spectrum Dental Lab Mixed League at Sarasota Lanes, and Dennis Piercefield, with a 109-over 278 to begin a 185-over 692 series in the Adam & Eve Mixed League at Bowland Port Charlotte.

Danny Shaffer blasted a 184-over-average 754 series in Yoder's Restaurant League at Sarasota Lanes, and Robert Oden had a 148-over 742 series in the same league. And Jodi Suares fired a 148-over 685 series that began with a 275 game in the Friday Mixed League at Bowland Port Charlotte.

Other high-score accomplishments reported from area centers included:

  • TREASURE LANES: Dave Jodoin 279-753, Jerry Weese 276-740, Tim Thompson 269-727, John Tvaroch 269, John Davis 268-727, John Jones 268, David Baker 267, Brian Hardie 265, Scott Baylor 748, Brennan Mickley 701; Wendy Aldridge 255-658, Avis Beaver 241, Jill Harper 236-636, Dolores Meyers 232-606, Debbie Baylor 232-603, Dale Miller 608.
  • BOWLAND PORT CHARLOTTE: Art Jozwiak 267, Jon Cuebas 265, George Barlow 717, Thomas Lindenberger 709; Rosie Gassera 248-623, Mickeal Paige 239-615 and 238-601, Rosie Gassera 236, Gina Adamo 226.
  • AMF GULF GATE: John Thompson 269-758, Troy Hoostal 269, Bill Diegel Jr. 268, Jim Gilmore 721, Mark Munro 703.
  • ENGLEWOOD BOWL: Tom Mielecki 279, John Swoboda 268, Bob Kellogg 266, Dan Snode 712.
  • SARASOTA LANES: Mike Aleshire 278-714, Richard McLaughlin Jr. 278, Steven Baran 705, Scott Hall 704; Barb Ripley 226; junior girl Taylor Parker 228.
  • AMF VENICE LANES: Ryan Williams 267-710, Joe Murray 265-759, Terry Cline 265-734, Jeff Stapleton 727.
  • AMF BRADENTON LANES: Ron Axberg 267-710, Phil Wheeler 266-715, Terry Westervelt 705.

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