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René Rodriguez Portrait Couture Offers Stunning Photographs & Unique Experience

At René Rodriguez Portrait Couture they make sure to capture each woman for who they are and what makes them unique.
At René Rodriguez Portrait Couture they make sure to capture each woman for who they are and what makes them unique.
Photos by René Rodriguez Portrait Couture

Mothers tend to overlook their own needs with their hectic schedules, children and jobs. So having a day to be pampered and feel beautiful is a perfect solution and well deserved indulgence for all those hard working moms. Instead of having a spa day though this can all be achieved at René Rodriguez Portrait Couture where you get an amazing finished product that lasts a lifetime.

At René Rodriguez Portrait Couture they make sure to capture each woman for who they are and what makes them unique.
Photo By Kourtni Guzzo

This photography studio not only provides bold and elegant photos for women but each of their photo shoots is truly a wonderful experience. This experience begins with the pre-consultation session. In this meeting the photographer René Rodriguez works with the client to get to know them and what they really want to get out of their photo shoot. With so many photographers in the triad area it is refreshing to see one who actually gets to know the client before taking their photos. This connection he makes with his clients shines through in each photograph he takes.

Another part of the experience is getting your makeup and hair done by the studio’s hair and make-up artist Tiffanie Evans. During the pre-consultation they work with the client to get an understanding for who they are and what kind of look they want out of their photos.

A final component of what makes this experience so noteworthy is the fashion component. They are very fashion centric which is what makes the photos so bold. Another thing covered in the pre-consultation is what to wear in the photo shoot. The staff works closely with you to determine what to wear the day of the shoot and for an additional fee will even go out and buy a unique outfit for you to wear at the shoot. That’s service!

René Rodriguez Portrait Couture is run by four very talented individuals: René Rodriguez – Photographer, Jessica Plapp - Studio Manager, Tiffanie Evans - Hair & Make-Up Artist and Alex Janczak - Photographer Apprentice. Each of these people works to make sure the client has an amazing experience during their photo shoot and has a lasting product, whether a print to hang on the wall or a photo book to give a loved one, they can treasure for years to come. They specialize in photos including contemporary glamour, boudoir, bridal and senior portraits, but offer numerous other photo opportunities such as families and men.

René and Jessica launched the studio at the beginning of this year; however, they worked together many years prior to this at a graphic design/marketing company called Brave Incorporated which they still own. René has been taking photos on the side for years though but it wasn’t until last winter he decided to take his photography to the next level and open his own studio. René also has a very unique appreciation for viewing life and beauty since he struggled for many years with stage 4 cancer. He went through an extensive and long treatment plan he was able to beat the cancer. This deeper level of appreciation for life really shines through in his photography.

René’s insight into viewing women in a way that captures their true beauty was heavily shaped by being brought up around strong women. He saw firsthand some of the struggles his sisters had to go through as far as dealing with their appearances and it is apparent he is against the objectification of women. While his images are about beauty it’s about showing each woman how beautiful they really are and gets them to release their inner-goddess.

At René Rodriguez Portrait Couture they make sure to capture each woman for who they are and what makes them unique. One way by doing this is they really hone in on what their client’s really appreciate about their own bodies. They aim to capture the best version of each woman through lighting, posing, make-up and hair and not through photo-shopping the image to the extent it looks like someone else! Their goal is for every client to view not just their images as beautiful but also themselves for the beautiful women they are.

René best summed up the entire photo shoot experience they provide women as ‘the Disneyland for women’. Being a mom is tough so treating one’s self to their photo shoots for a refreshing day of beauty and glamour is certainly called for.

Contact them today to set up a consultation to get not only stunning photographs that make you feel like a new woman but have this amazing experience of really putting yourself first for once. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information on their studios and photos.

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