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Ren Fair Actors

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Saturdays & Sundays • 10am - 7pm

April 7 – May 20, 2012

Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area

Irwindale, CA • Ph: 626.969.4750

Maybe some of you remember attending the Renaissance Pleasure Faire as a child or maybe some of you came there later, but how many of you have acted in it? No, these are not magcally transported Elizabethians, coming to us from times of yore, these are L.A. actors, who spend their summers making you believe you have stepped back in time.

I actually auditioned for the Faire, up in the Bay Area, back in the days of wanting to be an actor. And I can tell you it is not an easy process. After a rigorous audition, you have long hours of practise and research ahead of you. Even then you will probably start out as a serving wench or strolling character, before even thinking about becoming a Knight or royalty. The Queen herself is a veteran Ren Faire player, having worked her way up the medieval ladder to reign over summer proceedings.

Besides keeping up a BFA (Basic Faire Accent) they learn to deal with crowds and heat and still maintain a carnival demeanor. After all, the main point of the Faire (and always with an "e" on the end) is to entertain the masses. Remember, they are providing a little magic in the modern world. Who doesn't feel like escaping from time to time? What better place to try that than in the world of white horses and shining armour? These actors are helping you believe you are somewhere else for a while. They give you sight and sound (and taste - don't forget the mass amounts of food and drink available).

So for those of you planning on attending this year, may I recommend the SoCal tradition? After a little insight into others hard work, you might come to appreciate its depth just that much more. This particular faire isn't too hard to get to, and not too crowded, if you plan an early enough start. Blacksmiths, sword fighting, archery, weaving and oh, so much more, await you on the other side of the gate. Raise a flask while you're there and toast "Huzzah!" to the hard-working peasants and nobilty bringing you a little dream.


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