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Remy Ma prison release delayed due to phone violation

Remy Ma was due to be released from prison today but was delayed instead.
Remy Ma was due to be released from prison today but was delayed instead.
DJ Akademiks/YouTube

Remy Ma was due to be released from prison today but that won't be happening. As fans began celebrating her release on Twitter, they were upset to find out that the former Terror Squad member won't be walking free today. According to MTV on Thursday, Remy Ma will be serving a little extra time due to a recent telephone violation.

Despite plans to release Remy Ma today, the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York will be holding on to the Bronx-born female rapper just a little bit longer. According to reports, Remy violated the telephone rules on July 21 and cannot be released until the misbehavior report has been handled.

Remy Ma's prison delay is reported to be from a "third party calling violation." At Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, inmates are allowed 15 telephone numbers they are allowed to call. The person they call is not allowed to forward that call to another number and that is what Remy Ma apparently did.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is believed that Remy Ma's punishment comes after the July 21 telephone interview with Angie Martinez. Remy called in to the show just 10 days before she was set to be released to talk about the long-awaited day. The interview was only 14 minutes long and could easily have earned Remy Ma another week or more incarcerated.

Remy Ma is serving time for her part in a 2007 shooting outside a Manhattan nightclub. Remy was found guilty on two counts of assault after shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the stomach. It was said that the altercation broke out after Barnes-Joseph was accused of stealing $3,000 from Remy Ma.

Neither Remy Ma or her fans knew that her release would be delayed due to the phone violations. As fans celebrated on Twitter, waiting for her return, they found out today is not the day. Now the celebratory #FreeRemy hashtag that was trending earlier today on Twitter is a protest instead with friends and fans wondering just how soon she will walk free.

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