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Removing negative people

Removing negative people
Removing negative people

Why would anyone want to keep someone in their lives that bring nothing but negativity or drama to it? Why do we keep these people in our lives?

Sometimes these people tend to look differently in our eyes when we are feeling low, or having a bad day. They make us feel important for a split second, and, we end up giving them another chance in our lives, another boost of energy in our hearts. Then, when the clouds clear, and we are in the right mindset, everything becomes clear, and, we realize that we made a mistake letting them back in again. These kinds of people can be very manipulative, and yet, as well aware of it as we are, we let it happen time and time again.

Many deal with this whether it be in a romantic relationship or normal friendship with people.

For example, Amber and Marvin were dating for a couple years, and they knew negative people that were in each other's lives, yet the person they affected didn't see things clearly. Amber had friends in her life that Marvin knew were not good for her to keep around, and it was not just out of jealousy he said this, but as her best friend that wanted the best for her. Amber felt the same about people in Marvin's lives. Each of them took it wrong, kept certain people around, thinking the other was just jealous, not seeing the situations clear enough. Now, after they have been broken up for almost a year, each are coming to realize the other was right. They were just looking out for the best in their partners, and not being selfish. This is just one example of how far negative people can be in romantic relationships.

People on the outside sometimes, and usually, see things a lot less clouded, and more real. Listen to those reaching out to you and sharing their viewpoints and concern about others in your life. They may be just looking out for you. Friends will really step up when they realize it is a big deal and you're in jeopardy of losing yourself or hindering your progression in life. Be open to hearing people out because it may be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Focus on the positive in yourself and others. Do not be taken advantage of for your niceness or goodness, but be very cautious of who you trust and who you let in. Sometimes trusting everyone and letting everyone in before giving them a probationary period in a way allows you to be more vulnerable than you believe. Detach yourself from that and only pay attention and put energy into those friendships and relationships in your life that bring positiveness around you.