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Remove facial hair with Bellabe


Bellabe Marketing photo

Many women are plagued with unwanted facial hair. I am among the afflicted thanks to my father’s Latin gene pool and post menopausal hormones. Years of electrolysis, which is touted as permanent, dragged on incurring thousands of dollars in beauty treatments. I recently gave up the needle and invested in a magnifying glass and tweezers thinking I could keep the hairy beast at bay. The magnifier revealed the ugly truth, whereas the regular mirror sans the eye glasses lied. Or so I thought. A few recent well placed remarks prompted a search for a cheap and lasting solution to the removal of unwanted facial hair.

Prescription creams are expensive. Laser treatments are worse. Depilatories are like prepping for shaving and what girl wants to do that. Of course, there is shaving. Nope. Waxing? I don’t think so. Then there was something new, or should I say old: facial threading.

Facial threading is an ancient oriental method of removing rather large areas of facial hair. It is done with cotton string criss-crossed somewhat like a cat’s cradle and manipulated by a trained technician across the face. This process removes multiple hairs at one sweep by the root. No infection, no red swelling, ok, some pain I’m sure. And it does come with the salon price that can be as much as $60 every two weeks depending on maintenance needs.

A continued search revealed an object that mimicked the process of facial threading but could be purchased once and applied by the owner. Meet the true magic wand: Bellabe. It is very affordable at about $16, lasts a year and there is no charge for shipping. I did my due diligence and sought reviews outside of the marketing site before purchasing.

It is a tight coil about 6 inches long with 2, 2-inch handles. You bow it like an inverted horse shoe and twist the handles back and forth as you snake it over your face. It catches and pulls the hairs out by the roots. Track back over an area until the desired result is achieved.

I was amazed at the gripping action the first time I put it to my face. It does pinch, but you get used to it. I was even able to clear out my upper lip whereas my electrolysis lady could only manage 5 or 6 hairs before I cried uncle. Amazing how such a small thing can make you feel so much more confident.

The greatest invention since the wheel was surely toilet paper which has now been surpassed by Bellabe. Every woman should have one in her beauty war chest. Now when I say “mirror, mirror on the wall”, it doesn’t lie.


  • SWEET N JAZZY 4 years ago

    Loved the upbeat take on a common and embarrassing problem that is seldom talked about! Thanks for the tip!

  • PDXORD2002 4 years ago

    Wow! Who could have guessed it could be so easy! Thanks for doing all the research for all of us!

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