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Remote Area Medical clinic returns to Los Angeles April 27 through May 3 at the L.A. Sports Arena

RAM provides free dental care to LA residents in 2009
RAM provides free dental care to LA residents in 2009
Photo - AP

Stan Brock is a bush-pilot, and an expert on rainforests and wildlife conservation.  He is a black belt in Karate, as well as  the former host of the television program "Wild Kingdom".   In addition, he knows well,  the hardship caused by lack of access to medical care.  He grew up with the Wapishana Indians in the Central Amazon Basin, where obtaining medical care involved a nearly month-long trek through the jungle.  He always dreamed of finding a way to help people whose access to medical care is limited by distance or finance.  

His dream was realized in 1985 when he formed the non-profit organization Remote Area Medical® (RAM), a highly efficient network of volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, technicians and veterinarians who go on expeditions - at their own expense - all over the globe, delivering free health care to the most remote outposts and under some of the worst conditions. 

In August 2009,  RAM made its first expedition to the city of Los Angeles, where medical, dental and opthamology care were made available free of charge, to 6,344 residents who for various reasons, might not otherwise have been able to receive it. 

RAM will make another expedition to the Los Angeles Sports Arena, from April 27 through May 3, 2010.  Medical, dental, vision and women's care will again be available free of charge.

RAM is hoping to serve well over 6,000 Los Angeles area residents during next week's expedition.

Volunteers are appreciated and needed.  Physicians, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists and others interested in assisting with the expedition are encouraged to contact RAM via their website:


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