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Remix Awards winning songstress Sheneatha Frison takes on the world of rhapsody

A look into the world of The Remix Awards Show 2010, awards winning songstress Sheneatha Frison. I caught up with this awards winning actress/singer/dancer/songwriter during her visit back to St. Louis. So, sit back and grab a cup of your favorite java, and read about a remarkable woman of rhapsody.

Sheneatha Frison show here abroad, and in St. Louis doing what she loves to do best perform. Commanding the stage and making great rhapsodies.(This is where she met producer/rapper Pharrell)
Sheneatha/Green Room VH1
Sheneatha doing what she does best, performing in Idaho Falls for about 1,000 4th graders.
Sheneatha Frison

1. How are you?

Sheneatha: I am wonderful! So grateful to be home for a bit. It’s great to get to share with you and your readers Rodney. You are always so supportive of me. I appreciate that!

2. It has been great pleasure following your alluring new life away from St.Louis. How many countries have your traveled to?

Sheneatha: I’ve been to 8 countries/territories in the last 6 months.(Finland, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Norway, Mexico, Cayman Islands and Peru)

3.Explain your tour and your International fan base?

Sheneatha: I have been traveling as a performer with the Harlem Gospel Choir. On tour there are 9 singers and 2 musicians. We all sing lead and background. I feel really blessed to be a part of a group that is known all over the world for promoting God’s love and harmony among people. When we meet audience members after the show, people are so grateful that we’ve come to share the music.I have experienced a lot of love, generosity and respect. It’s been incredible. Next month we are performing at Billboard Live in Tokyo. I’m excited about my first trip to Japan.

4. Is there a lucky fellow in your life?

Sheneatha: I have some wonderful guy friends but I don’t have a sweetie yet. I’m looking forward to it!

5.How is your family accepting first your move to NYC, and now your International tour?

Sheneatha: They miss me a lot as I do them and they wish I was here. However, they are delighted that I get to follow my dreams.

6. Do you have a new CD or musical project you are working on?

Sheneatha: I will be releasing a children’s CD this year, and a few songs from my upcoming project for adults. I’ve worked as a storyteller for several years and children are a joy to me. I produced a children’s project a few years ago and it was a great experience to see adults and children dance to and enjoy the music. My focus with the children’s music is to educate and encourage love for God, self and others while doing so with high quality music.You know how babies want to hear the same song a thousand times? Now the parents will be able to enjoy it too

7.Have you gotten the chance to meet any national celebrities?

Sheneatha: Just living in New York and singing around town you get an opportunity to meet celebrities. Valerie Simpson and Cheryl Pepsii Riley host open mic nights and have offered encouraging words or advice. They are both such beautiful, crazy talented ladies. The choir singers were waiting in the green room at a private function last month and Bill Cosby came in.Very cool. I really like Garth Brooks, so I was excited to see him at a Habitat for Humanity event in Manhattan. The ensemble recently performed “Happy” for VH1’s show, Big Morning Buzz Live. While we were singing, guess who comes over and hangs out with us? Pharrell! He greeted each of us after the show. No one at the studio told us ahead of time that he would be there. Meeting him was a great surprise.

8. That's great and exciting! When will St. Louis get a chance to hear your stunning vocal range again?

Sheneatha: I love the way you phrased that question!(LOL) Hopefully, some time this year I will be having an EP release concert here in St. Louis. I will definitely keep you updated. You know I like to do full blown productions when I give concerts, so I have to find the time between tour dates to create a great show for my St. Louis family.

9.What are you eating abroad?

Sheneatha: Oh my goodness, there’s been some wonderful cuisine. I went to Lima, Peru last week and the food was fabulous – extremely fresh and flavorful. They have the mountains, jungle, and the ocean, which are all sources of wonderful food. Even the orange juice was an experience. I’m not joking.The other Americans at lunch were raving about it so I had to try it. It was wonderfully refreshing and tasted a bit differently from the oranges in the U.S. I love corn so I thoroughly enjoyed trying some of the over 200 varieties of corn native to Peru. I'm pretty conservative about trying exotic meat so I felt adventurous when trying cerviche.The tasty fish is "cooked" only by the acid in the lime or lemon juice used to marinate it.I particularly enjoyed the traditional purple Peruvian drink, chicha morada. It’s a sweet non-alcoholic drink (you can also have it fermented) made from purple corn, pineapple, cinnamon, lime juice and sugar. Delicious!Lima is definitely on my list of places to visit again.

10.Tell me some of the great places that you have enjoyed performing?

Sheneatha: I'd enjoyed being at the Blue Note in Milan, Italy for a week. It’s a beautiful venue and was a more intimate experience than what we usually have with the audience. Many jazz greats have performed there and the people come with an expectation to hear and appreciate good music. It was also good to be in the same hotel for a while after being on the road for a month.The concert at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome was wonderful too. It’s a huge venue and the people responded as though we were doing a rock concert. It was so much fun!

Thanks, I am so glad to have had this opportunity to catch you in between breaks. God Bless you, and congratulations on your new Remix Awards Show 2014 honor, presented August 31, 2014 at Pure Ultra Lounge in St. Louis.

Sheneatha: Thank you, Rodney. As I said earlier, I truly appreciate all of the support and kindness you’ve shown me over the years, since my early days with the Righteous Mind Project. Pursuing a career as an artist can be challenging so I am thankful for the ways you use your gifts to highlight St. Louis talent and encourage us to keep creating. Keep shining my friend! Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on another successful year of The Newsletter.

I was near tears as I edited this interview and read Sheneatha's sentiments over and over again. May God bless my dear friend and I wish her much success in rhapsody.

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