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Reminisce with ThisLife by Shutterfly

Everybody loves photography. You have to have a good eye for composition and you make permanent memories from a brief moment in time. Editing pictures can be fun if you like to play around with different factors to see the full potential of a photograph. However, the less glamorous part of photography is the digital storage and organizational side of things. It is important nonetheless. Even the casual photography hobbyist can spend quite a bit of time trying to retrieve pictures from their hard drive, external memory, cell phone, memory cards and social media websites and it would take even longer to categorize it all.

Shutterfly has now released ThisLife as a solution for memory management. It will allow you to import photos from all of your devices- whether you have a PC or a Mac, iPhone or android and even your iPad. What's even more impressive is that you can import pictures from other websites, like Facebook and Instagram. The facial recognition software is useful for organizing your collection of images by the subject. Once you have all your photographs in one place, Shutterfly is a one-stop-shop for prints and other portrait creations.

There are three options to sign up for a ThisLife plan. If you feel that you would only be an occasional user, you can utilize the free plan that will cover you for storage of up to 2,500 pictures. However, if you are even an amateur photographer and capture just one or two weddings, you can easily fill up 2,500 slots for photographs. The standard plan is $59 a year and is more ideal for that classification. This option can hold 100GB of pictures and video, which they estimate would be around 25,000 images. A professional photographer would get more value out of the premium plan. This includes 400GB of room for both video and photography, which should be roughly 100,000 photos. It is available for $139 a year. Right now there is a limited-time offer for a free photo book with either of the paid plans.

When you start getting close to the capacity in your plan, that's when the duplicate detection really comes in handy. We easily filled over 4,500 photos just by syncing our Facebook pictures from the past 10 years, without even trying to fit any fine art photography from the portfolio. Watch the number ticker roll on and realize how many memories you've documented. The tags from Facebook will transfer, so you'll have your pictures organized by date and by person effortlessly. You can reminisce by using the slideshow feature, mark your favorites, and tell a story that can include audio. This is an easy way to share your assortment of images with clients, family and friends. It is a good idea to have your breadth of work saved in an easily accessible place. Dazzle everyone with your prolific amount (and quality) of imagery.

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