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New Study on remembering our dreams

Remembering our dreams
Remembering our dreams
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Have you ever woken up and remembered everything from that wonderful or horrific dream that just does not seem to elude you all day? Not that you are still asleep, but the feelings and crispness of that dream just follows you all day long as if you are still there on that other plane we travel to only while sleeping.

"In brain-scan study, 'high recallers' remembered dreams five mornings per week." A new study has revealed that people who remember their dreams have "high levels of activity in certain areas of their brain".

"Researchers led by Perrine Ruby, of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center in France, conducted brain scans on 41 people while they were awake and while they slept. Of the participants, 21 remembered dreams an average of about five mornings per week ("high dream recallers") and 20 remembered dreams only two mornings per month ("low dream recallers")."

Whether asleep or awake the high dream recallers showed an accelerated rate of activity in the brain's medial prefrontal cortex as well as the temporo-parietal junction - the information-processing hub according to the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research - also known as INSERM.

Researchers have also found that the "high recallers" also wake more during the night, as they are more tuned in to sounds that go "bump" in the night. Their brains are more sensitive to the sounds around them whether awake or asleep as compared to the "low recallers".

The brains process of waking up more during the night helps to enable the person to remember the dream compared to those who do not wake up often, will not remember their dreams. Waking up during the night seems to be a natural process required for remembering.

So, this is why I toss and turn, I am trying to sleep while my brain is busy somewhere else. How very interesting! This indeed is why one of my favorite researchers, Dale E.Graff, Quantum Physicist and former director of Project Stargate finds his way into my articles more than once. Mr. Graff and his "Dream Team" have helped more cases than anyone would ever realize and has created a life long career for Mr. Graff in this field. Stay tuned for more info on Mr. Graff and his latest documentary as well!

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