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Remembering Kurt Cobain: 20 Years Later: Book

Remembering Kurt Cobain: 20 Years Later is a LIFE book. It is a poignant and honest look at the life and icon of Kurt Cobain. It was so difficult to pull Cobain into the limelight, that is seems surprising the life that he lead and the reluctant star that he was.

Remembering Kurt Cobain: 20 Years Later: Book
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His passing was entirely too early. Even now, it doesn't seem that he's been gone for 20 years, but he has. In fact, this month marks the 20th year as of April 5 (1994).

It would seem that Cobain knew of his impending fame. What he didn't and couldn't know was how this would change his existence. He never fathomed the reality of such a prediction and when it came true, he pulled away. He kept pulling away, until he couldn't pull anymore.

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