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Remembering anniversaries enhances happiness

Most people realize the seven-year itch can happen anytime before or after seven years of living in the same house as a live-in couple or spouse. Oklahoma is well known as a conservative state. The majority of Oklahomans strongly advocate marriage. No matter if a live-in couple or married, many Oklahomans agree remembering important dates without any reminders positively enhances a relationship.

In Oklahoma, there is a cute term for those living together: “a Chicken Marriage.” Which basically means the couple was too afraid to marry. Usually those who test drive their relationships in a live-in situation eventually get married. Oklahomans in this type of relationship have admitted that once a year they celebrate being together on the day they agreed to live with each other; the special moved in day. Those interviewed in Oklahoma City informed dining out for a romantic dinner for two was their preference, calling it their “Being Together Anniversary.”

Many Mustang, Yukon, Tuttle, Newcastle and Oklahoma City residents who have been married for over fifty years claim their marriage lasted because both treated each other with love, care, kindness and respect. Without fail both remembered to celebrate annually their Wedding Anniversary and other special dates important to them. These wise long-term married Oklahomans admitted they celebrated their Wedding Anniversary on purpose with their children, grandchildren and other family members as a form of encouragement to view marriage as a lifetime commitment where two people live happily together in spite of life’s challenges.

The key to a long term relationship, getting over the seven year, ten year and sixteen year humps, is true love. Settling is not an option if one wants a relationship to last for one is not accepting the best for them; possibly become hurtful to both involved. As time passes the infatuation phase disappears as a couple becomes comfortable with each other, begins to notice each other’s flaws they had not earlier. Without true love, the comfortable phase can breed severe discontent which could destroy the relationship. This is why most Oklahomans who have long happy marriages caution, “Take time to get to know one another before getting married; best to talk things out.”

Oklahomans agree being married is the toughest thing anyone can do; a great accomplishment if one has a successful marriage. Those who have been married twenty plus years are admired, not everyone makes this landmark. Fewer make fifty or more years together: harder to reach for those who marry in their 40’s or older, would have to be at least 90. The Oklahoma norm is the longer together, the larger the celebration party per anniversary.

A successful long-term relationship takes two working at it diligently and lovingly; never giving up. One giving their all while the other slides usually causes a divorce. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other important dates is a good way to lengthen and strengthen one’s relationship. This reminds each they are special and loved. Enjoy the day!

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