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Remembering a Friend - Sanford Ward Memorial Service Fundraiser

Sunday July 19, 2014 at Mount Calvary Full Gospel Baptist Church in West Palm Beach. Siders Funeral Home of Riviera Beach, Fl hosted the tribute/fundraiser to one of Palm Beaches favorite Gospel Radio Announcer Sanford Ward who passed away June 2006.

Mr. Sanford Ward had given so many local artist the opportunity to have their music played on air even pushed some into the National Circuit; during 40 years of life, Sanford touched so many lives. Jeanette Siedge was the first to tell her memories of Sanford Ward. As she stood before the congregation with tears in her eyes as if he had passed away yesterday, she told the story of how they met at the age of 6 by introducing himself to her and asking her to sit next to him and from that moment they had been inseparable.

Jeanette looked into to the crowd and with a smile on her face and laughter in her heart as she remembered her friend, she paused for a moment and then said Sanford was a prankster, and she began to tell the story of how they went to Burger King and she looked at Sanford and said I don't have any money how are we gonna pay for this and he told her "Jesus Paid It All" she said stop playing and again he said Jesus paid it all, the audience burst into laughter, Jeanette told of another story of how they were riding down the highway coming from Fort Pierce and Sanford began to tell drivers to pull over they had a flat tire, as they looked back at how many cars had pulled over while the drivers realized they didn't have a flat Sanford laughed. Yet her last story was so compelling, as she told how she was visiting Sanford in the hospital. She thought that Sanford was playing another trick he told her to look up, she asked look up where and finally she did and when she did she saw a bear and Sanford told her that the nurses said that he must name the bear, he asked her to guess the name and when she couldn't guess Jeanette asked Sanford what did you name the bear and he said Jeanette because I could not think of any other name. The congregation was left in silence.

The program continued with other musical tributes and speeches and there was one other that stood out, whom Sanford had touched and that was Mother Mae Siders. Mother Siders told her story of how she was the last employee that Sanford had hired for the radio station WJBW 106.3 FM. Mother Mae Siders told the audience that when Sanford wanted to get you off the air he would call in and play a trick and then say "now you are off the air". With tender love and affection displayed Mother Mae Siders reminded the audience of what type of person Sanford Ward was, she made you feel that if you didn't know him you wanted to get to know him.

The highlight of this entire program was not what we heard people say nor the songs performed but the hard work that went on behind the scenes by the Siders Funeral Home Staff and Director Mr. Anthony Q. Siders, LFD. As Mr. Siders sat and watched the entire program take place it was a look of admiration and dedication to the community. On Sunday July 19, 2014 Siders Funeral home proved just what its motto says "Remember the name that implies service". Siders Funeral Home continues to give back to the community in many different ways that they have served for over 30 years.

To meet your funeral needs contact Siders Funeral Home at 561-797-3500, "To Serve This Present Age".

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