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'Remember When?'

If you were born in the 40s, 50s, or 60s, you should have a working knowledge of many day to day playthings, games, or appliances that kids born after the 70s have probably never seen, or even heard of. I have a 20-year-old granddaughter who, a few years back, was looking at a desk phone I had in my home, the kind with the rotary-dial on the front. She asked what it was and when I told her it was a telephone she was amazed and had no clue how it worked. Of course, that’s not as bad as some of my other grandchildren, below the age of twelve, who haven’t been taught in school, and apparently at home, how to tell time on a non-digital timepiece. Sad!

Do you remember the small camera that held this film.
Anonymous and Retrojunk
The Famous Lambchop of the 50s

But they’re not alone, unfortunately, since the technological changes these days are so numerous and seemingly miraculous many of the items we purchase one day are considered dinosaurs within months, not years. Our dear friends, the Apple Corp. (Microsoft) is not happy unless they can change their iPhone models at least 3 times a year. How about the iPad, Kindle, or Nook and their zillion or so competitors? Each trying to out-glitz the other one.

My good friend Mary Jo sent me an e-mail with a variety of dated objects pictured therein, which prompted immediate and fond memories in me of how most of them were a big part of my daily life. Some of those pictured items, for my age group, were ushered in during our adolescent years but gone by the time we reached college age. How time flies when you’re having a good time.

I’ve included a slide-show of some of these items and captioned them with what they were and how they affected my age group, but I’d be interested in knowing just how many of you can remember them in your life. I don’t know whom to credit for the pictures included so I gave it to anonymous. I hope you will re-live glimpses of your past good times when you see them.


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