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Remember to do good unto those who hate you

Prayer should be a part of our daily lives
Prayer should be a part of our daily lives
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As Christians, you must not be blind to the darkness that will attempt to torture your minds and hearts tearing you far away from God. Claim not oblivion as your shelter against all things impure. Those who live life with their eyes shit will not see and remain blind even towards good.

If you close your eyes before demons, what would stop you from closing your eyes before angels? Once one knows good exists from our Lord, it becomes foolish to then deny that bad exists as well. How can you have one without the other? Could we not see the light without the dark?

Beloved remember what it states in Romans 12:21 to “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good”. This passage reminds us to not only be cognizant of the demons that want to harm us but to give back good and decency to these very demons. The phrase, “kill them with kindness” is essentially what this Bible verse implies.

Do not allow the ones around you who wish harm upon you to become aware of your understanding. Let not the demon know you are on to its cruel ways. Acknowledge the darkness within someone and do not allow it to win its battle. If you are to fight use your shield of Christ with swords of compassion, and armor of mercy.

In the end it does not matter how the world sees you. It should not faze you when those around you despise you or talk about you. These people who do such things are just planting evil seeds to counteract the good seeds. Do not allow these things to upset you but rather motivated you to be stronger.

Stand up and walk with our Lord Jesus. Pray, confess your sins to God and ensure you are constant communication with Him at all times. Forget not to thank God for everything seen and unseen, known and unknown that He has bestowed upon you.

Beloved we live in turbulent times for Christians all over the world. Do not allow evil to stray you when we are so close to death. We could be taken at any moment. Why waste your life unbelieving when the fruit of our Lord is so must sweeter?

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