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Remember the goal despite the distraction

Where mountains meet ocean and sky.
Where mountains meet ocean and sky.
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We all know that wellness is a state of mind, so how do we cope when we are not feeling well? It might seem like failure when our state of mind creates illness. This situation describes the vicious cycle that we can encounter when we are not feeling well. We cannot allow a bad day to disrupt our expectation of wellness.

Our fears or emotions often arise because we need to learn a lesson in order to grow. If we become afraid of these emotional indicators, then we can intensify their affect on our well-being. Any negative emotion is challenging our present desire for fulfillment, so a person demonstrating wellness processes them in a way that creates the good life they envision.

However, if we do not process these challenges constructively, then bad things arise. We may not be able to prevent an illness, but we can influence how it affects us. We can always surrender to the challenging symptom and feel bad. But just as easily, we can approach it in a way that allows us to accomplish our goals for that day. As long as our heart beats and our lungs work, we can correct what is plaguing us with illness.

We can break out of the vicious cycle with a positive attempt to perceive the situation differently, and then gradually restore a greater sense of well being. Disease is the absence of ease. Put differently, we encounter disease when we are not comfortable in our own skin—when we need to do something, and we lack the courage or fortitude to push through to a new understanding.

However, it can be simpler than that. Often, we do not know what we need, so we do nothing. We just drift, instead of becoming proactive. We believe what medicine tells us. We believe we have so many months to live or that our illness will take so many days to pass.

The truth is the world is filled with exceptions to these rules, and we can be one of them if we choose to do something different. Break the cycle and expect more. Just know that those greater expectations are always challenged by fate, and the people who become the exception to the rule kept trying, even when all hope seemed lost.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right.” Mountains move one shovel of dirt at a time. What are you doing today to tackle the mountain?


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