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Remember September sunrise

sunrise, september 23rd, 2010
sunrise, september 23rd, 2010
photo by Robin Wood

Here is a photo essay of September dawn, 2010.

We passed the equinox at the end of the month, so we are entering the dark half of the solar year. Sunset moved from about a quarter past seven to a quarter past six in the evening.

In the morning, the sun rose in central Maine just before 6:00am on September 1st. On the thirtieth, dawn came just past 6:32. That means a lot of us are getting up before the sun now. The good news about that is that more of us get to see the sun's glorious entrance into the day.

I find September to be a month of reflection. Summer's warmth is still in the air as the month begins, and fall's brisk winds of change have made their appearance by month's end. It is a good time for remembering, as another year's growth and greenery begin to wrinkle wearily on the vine, ready to drop away for a winter of restful dormancy.

September means misty mornings, purple asters, spiders in the meadows, songbirds disappearing, symphonies of crickets, and the earliest tinge of fall color.

Some say it is Maine's most beautiful month. I would have to agree.


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Please feel free to contact me at with questions, comments or ideas for more stories of the many sided people of Maine.


  • Gregan Wortmann 4 years ago

    Hello Robin -- I am the Billings, Montana Sightseer Examiner and I am originally from Greenville, Maine -- let's trade subscriptions

  • Profile picture of Robin Wood
    Robin Wood 4 years ago

    Hello Gregor -- thanks for your comment. I'm not sure what you mean by "trade subscriptions..." I subscribe to your page, and you subscribe to mine? I could do that if you want, though I don't expect to be sightseeing in Billings, Montana any time soon!

    (I don't check my comments page very often, so don't think I am ignoring you if you don't hear a response for a while)


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