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REMEMBER MISSISSIPPI: The Case for a McDaniel’s General Election run

Could this turn out to be a good thing?

Who is the real loser McDaniel or the Republican Party

Thad Cochran, the establishment candidate beat Chris McDaniel, the Tea Party candidate, in the Mississippi Republican 2014 primary. The Problem is the way it was done. Consider two friends who have the same enemies who are trying to court the same girl. One friend teams with their enemies to portrait his buddy as a known rapist. He gets the girl and wants his now former rival to be the best man at the wedding. Well there are some things you just cannot expect to be ok. Dick Morris on the Sean Hannity Show said McDaniel supporters should, “Just grow up and get over it.” Well Dick, this is even worse than my little scenario above, which is enough to break up friends forever. This was a full frontal attack on a friend and the Tea Party by teaming with the Democrats who want to destroy them too. If your so called friend calls you a racist and a hater, you could be labeled always. It could also become a template for others elsewhere to do the same. Republicans and Democrats doing that which is good for Democrats, who themselves will not vote for Thad at such levels in the fall. The Tea Party in Mississippi and elsewhere along with the Republican Party could be the long range losers. This is the solution. Chris McDaniel could run in the general election. Allow me to explain why this would be good.

Consider the worst case scenario; that democrats keep the senate. We would have what we have now, except they will be a little more afraid to upset the voters because if they held on, it would likely be by the skin of their teeth. Now consider the below.

Contrary to what many are saying, which is that Cochran must win in order for the Republicans to win the Senate; that is not true. We need 6 wins and have a chance for 12. All we have to do is win one of those other 6 races. But what if the Republicans win the senate with or without Thad? Can they repeal Obamacare? No. Obama would veto. There would not be enough Republicans in the Senate to override a veto. Could they impeach Obama? Yep. They could do that now but, like now, they still will not have enough votes in the Senate to convict. They need 67 votes. In fact Obama will still be able to veto all he wants as long as the democrats stick with him in the Senate. So you might ask what good would it be for the Republicans to win the senate? Well they could stop treaties, like agenda 21, the small arms treaty and others. A good thing, but so far the democrats have done that too out of fear of the voters.

The Tea Party is the only sensible viable entity that wants to set this country squarely upon the foundations of the Constitution. It gives hope for fiscal sanity and even moral sanity. There are those in both parties that would love to keep things pretty much as they have been the last 20 years. They think they have done a good job. So they teamed up to try to totally disparage the Tea Party in general. This could become a national trend. This would discourage the engine of conservatism and the Republican Party, which is the Tea Party. Only democrats and progressives benefit from this very real precedent.

So what would happen if McDaniel runs? Nothing bad can happen if done right but a lot of good could happen. Here’s why? First McDaniel could win. He got most of the republican votes by far and even with 35 to 45 thousand votes by democrats who were frightened by racism and voter ID, it was very close. The Law says that only Democrats that did not vote in the Democrat primary could vote in a run-off. It has already been reported that in only one district, nearly 1,000 ineligible voters voted in the run-off. At that rate, McDaniel could end up being declared the winner, since he lost by only about 6,000 votes. And just think, many say no voter ID is needed. But let’s continue as though Thad will end up staying the nominee. If McDaniel runs, he will likely control his hard core Tea Party Republican vote. He would probably win the election but most certainly Thad Cochran will need their vote. He can either come clean now and make amends to the Tea Party or be force to come clean later. And if conservatives see that they will win the senate, McDaniel could continue even if the Democrat wins as a lesson. We still get the Senate. Or if he wants, if he is not winning, he could drop out and ask his voters to support Thad Cochran. The Fact is, The Tea Party has control in this matter and they cannot afford to allow themselves to be treated like street harlots who are beaten by their pimp and told that they still must kiss their abuser.

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