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Remember Me Thursday

When we read about memorials and memories, our thoughts automatically go to loved ones albeit human or animal; however, do we give thought to those less fortunate pets? Rarely do we hear there is a special day set aside for the remembrances of animals. We each have that time when we remember our very special friend who gave so lovingly to us during the time we lived together. Now there is a new time set aside for the honor of those animals which never found their forever home, or for whatever reason, lost it and were left to exist on their own.

We have special days to honor our dogs, cats, and so forth, however, now we have a special day to remember orphaned pets. This day is Remember Me Thursday and for this year it is September 25, 2014 (the fourth Thursday in September). Every person and community has the ability to organize some way to recognize our cherished animal friends who did not have the opportunity to find their Forever Home. My information comes to me by way of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Mike Arms, President and CEO. He wants all of us to see how much we can help and bring to public awareness this situation which has gone to long without resolution. There will be Candle-Lighting Ceremonies in over 130 countries. And in the U.S. this special time has a powerful and inspirational song by Kristin Chenoweth, ‘I was here’; as we embrace our responsibilities toward the animals of our planet.

Remember Me Thursday is the perfect time to get out and bring attention to the plight of animals who have been abused, neglected and lost to the world. Perhaps we do not consider the importance of what impact an Assistance Animal can have on someone’s life and do not realize that animal does not have to be bred for the purpose of being an Assistance Animal. Many of our Assistance Animals come from rescues and shelters. Although the type of assistance may dictate the size of the animal, all animals can when cared for and trained properly have a significant impact on individual lives.

Please consider organizing a Candle-Lighting Ceremony for this years Remember Me Thursday. Or if there is a shelter in the area still using euthanasia (for controlling the pet population) known of, bring attention to the solutions to not euthanizing pets, but helping people with such animals. This particular issue does or will affect each and every one of us during our lifetime.

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