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Remember Me: Rightfully so!


I have to admit something. The only reason I was interested in this movie is because of my interest in the TV show Lost . A “Lost” Alum, Emilie de Ravin is the female lead. I didn’t expect much from her male counterpart but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

  Summit Entertainment has been a blessing for Robert Pattinson in many different ways. The first time around, they gave him fame. The Twilight series will forever plaster Robert’s face on the walls of fan-girls’ rooms. His latest movie Remember Me will do something entirely different. I have a feeling this will permanently solidify his status as an actor. This movie will no doubt be a more satisfying meal to his soul, and more satisfying artistically.

Remember Me” is one of those special films. It shows you a portrait of life painted pragmatically. It prompts the audience to question one’s own short existence here on earth. We all want to find love. There’s also the buoyant desire, the hope that things can be better than “just okay.” The movie offers actual relationships. When I say “actual,” I mean complex. Relationships do not fall into place. They require work, nurturing, and constant negotiation. In the process however, we find ourselves falling in love with each other's subtleties and endearing habits. We share smiles and tears. It’s all a  constant reminder that life is a blur. When we look back, all we have are those moments and memories that were so fleeting. This makes them even more precious.

This movie is sad. It’s also delightful. Those of you who don’t know either of the leads will be happy to know it doesn’t really matter. The script can hold its’ own and the actors do a fine job of becoming their characters in this movie. Now, you might feel that uncomfortable pang of sadness in many scenes. There are uncomfortable themes that are terribly realistic. There are conflicts with the characters’ family and friends that many audience members will relate to, unpleasantly so. However, if you want to see a love story with a notable attempt at relationship realism, check it out!

Showtime’s in Lubbock:

Cinemark On 82nd

Cinemark On 58th


  • cody 5 years ago

    So i finally watched this. It was really really good but also depressing. thanks for the review!

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