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Remember: "It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need..

What would public elementary schools be like if they had all the money they need?

First of all, where would the money come from?

That is easy. First eliminate all tests but one 2-hour test-- one day a year. One hour for Math and one hour for Language Arts.

Then eliminate 90% of the school district bureaucracy.

For example, LAUSD has Communications and Public Relations Specialists, a director and an assistant director of communication and media relations, a NCLB Teacher Qualifications Unit, a School Information Branch for data analysis and so many more departments, sections, and so much more personnel that have a high impact on the daily lives of our students.
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The office tower on Beaudry in downtown Los Angeles could be sold with the few remaining bureaucrats housed in empty classrooms.


Kindergarten through 3rd grade would have a maximum of 20 students per classroom. Grades 4 and 5 would have a maximum of 25 students per classroom.

Each teacher would have a 3-hour assistant daily. Each school would have a full time Library aide and a well-stocked Library, a traveling Music teacher as well as one for Performing Arts and one for Visual Arts. Every campus would have a full time nurse. Each school would have an up-to-date computer lab with 30 computers. The school and particularly the bathrooms would be kept clean by a full custodial staff. Supplies would be abundant and easily accessible.

The teachers on each grade level at every school would get together and create the curriculum and pacing plans so that every student masters each skill before the classes move on. There would be time planned for remediation and review, enrichment and challenge.

Field trips and educational movies would be a part of the curriculum.

Students would use textbooks, and projections from a computer—no workbooks or photocopies. Language Arts work would be on lined paper and Math work would be done on unlined paper. When the students have completed an assignment there would be learning centers for enrichment and challenge, and for review and preview. Each classroom would have a library filled with a large selection of books.

There is so much more that could be done if:

We eliminated the testing culture;

Provided sufficient funding for public schools;

And the teachers were in charge.

Of course, dealing with poverty, hunger, and safety for all students would go a long way in making these schools and their programs successful.

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