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Remember Brown vs Board of Education by voting

Voting Booth
Voting Booth
Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Today is Election Day in the city of Philadelphia. It may only be a primary but in the midst of city pensions being threatened, public school funding incurring more cuts, and higher taxes it is imperative that all of us participate. Just 3 days ago, sixty years ago, the win of Brown vs the Board of Education revitalized the 14th Amendment that had been mired in Jim Crow and Separate but Equal legislature. It issued in a slow but gradual movement that led to African Americans going to vote for the first time and integrate with white students in public education.

There has been much discussion about how far we have come and how many steps backwards we continue to make. Today’s vote represents the steps that we want to make forward as a city and as a state. Segregation continues in terms of education, job opportunity, and income attainment. We tell our children that if they are educated and stay the course, then they will be rewarded. Well that is not entirely true when nearly 4.1 million Americans are considered long term unemployed and many college graduates are finding little to no success. There success is also connected to the politics that make the decisions that affect us all.

The population of Philadelphia according to the 2013 Census is approximately 1,553,165. That includes individuals who are not of age to vote, but we need to make sure that everyone that can vote does vote. Be counted today! Make Harrisburg feel your strength in numbers so they can stop taking ignoring us. It only takes a few minutes. You owe it to those who fought and bled before us.

Here are some valuable links about how to answer the questions and how the candidates responded to issues surrounding education. Candidate Report Card click here. How to answer the questions click here.