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Remarkable Resveratrol!

Juice Beauty
Juice Beauty

With so many promising skin care ingredients being used to day, one really stands out among the best because of its protective benefits-- resveratrol.

Chances are, it is in some of the beauty products on your nightstand right now. What exactly is this ingredient?

Resveratrol is a natural phenol found in red wine that is high in antioxidants. By adding antioxidants to your diet, you have the ability to encourage good cell health, which keeps your cells young! Foods containing phenols are cherries, grapes, plums, berries, artichokes, potatoes, and even celery and lettuce to a lesser extent. In addition to being helpful to the skin and to combat signs of aging, phenols have been shown to help improve heart health and protect the body from some forms of cancer and stroke.

I've tried several beauty products with these potent antioxidants and have some favorites to share today with my Examiner readers. Best of all? These products are all formulated without parabens, petrochemicals, and other harmful ingredients:

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Booster Serum ($75)

This splurge from Juice Beauty makes your skin feel like satin with just one application. This unique gel serum absorbs weightlessly into the skin, yet leaves it feeling hydrated. Resveratrol, Vitamin C, and fruit stem cells leave skin with improved skin texture and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines. I also noticed that my makeup applies more smoothly with this product. Those with combination to oily skin will find that this does not feel heavy or greasy like other serums tend to do.

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DHC Resveratrol Lotion ($54.50)

This gentle toner contains cereal extract to soften, soy protein to brighten, and resveratrol to protect. Simply swipe it over skin with a cotton pad and then follow with your other skin care products.

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Suki Skin Care Transformative Cleansing Clay ($49)

This vegan cleansing clay helps those with troubled skin achieve clear pores and reduced inflammation, while delivering a potent dose of Resveratrol. Those with rosacea, acne and eczema will love that their pores will be less clogged, while still reaping the rewards from antioxidants. This is a true multi-tasker, as it can be used as a cleanser, mask and spot treatment all in one.

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M. Asam Vino Gold Resveratrol Premium Eye Cream ( $24.95)

The grape vine extract in this formula has a subtle aroma of walking through vineyards in New York’s Finger Lakes region. This gentle cream is safe for use around the delicate eye area, but is potent enough to have an impact on lines with hyaluronic acid and coenzyme-Q10. The Resveratrol helps protect the skin from environmental aging, too.

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Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick ($24)

Who says that makeup can’t have its benefits? This fabulous lipstick formulation features skin-comforting shea butter and argan oil. Did I mention that there is actually the same about of Resveratrol in each tube of lipstick as it is in five glasses of red wine? Available in more than 20 shades, your lips will be protected from free radicals with each colorful application.

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