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Remains identified as Carrie Olson

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After vanishing over 3 months ago, Carrie Olson's remains have been found, nearly 300 miles from her home in Davenport, Iowa. The owner of the wooded area in Hastings, Minnesota found her body at 5:30 on April 5, notifying police right away. It is believed that she had been there less than 36 hours and it seems she was most likely alive for much of the time she was missing, as law enforcement was able to take pictures of her tattoos, hoping to identify her.

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Carrie was last seen on a Rock Island 7-11 surveillance camera, getting gas in her car, on December 29. Her car was seen again, at the same gas station, less than 18 hours later. Tim McVay, a friend/boyfriend of Carrie's, was driving and appeared to be alone in the car. He then "borrowed" Carrie's car and drove himself and his girlfriend to the airport in Minneapolis, MN, (just 31 miles from where her remains were found!) where they boarded a plane for Las Vegas. Upon their return, they handed the car over to investigators.

What happened to Carrie? How did she end up so far from home, and strangely, on the path to where her car was headed? Her cause of death has not yet been released, but it seems that Tim McVay has some explaining to do. One troubling thing, though, it that it seems the remains are pretty recent, so where has she been all this time? There are so many unanswered questions, but surely more answers will come in the following days.

Thoughts go out to Carrie's family, who never gave up. They searched for hours and hours, through the brutal Midwestern winter temperatures, and would do it all again, if only for a different outcome.



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