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Remaining Relevant During a Company Merger

It is essential to remain relevant during the time of a merger. While you don’t want to go to work each day with your boxing gloves on, let’s be honest, you are in a battle against being a victim of a layoff and keeping your job. For those who are looking forward to the benefits of receiving a severance package and moving on, this may not be a factor, however for those who may not be as fortunate or fear being laid off due to age, lack of education, minimal experience, reentering the job market, resenting change or even just comfort in their current position this may become an issue as the merger progresses. Keep in mind, it is easy to be overlooked during a merger. Especially when your job responsibilities transition with all the changes taking place you can quickly become just a number as opposed to a valued employee. Therefore, if your goal is to maintain employment post-merger, it is essential to remain relevant.

Now you may be wondering, when people say “remain relevant” what does that actually mean? Well for some, this may mean being present. While for others, this means being involved. Remaining relevant may also suggest the need to know the key players and enhance one’s interaction with decision makers. Now, your level of involvement will vary depending upon the type of position you are in. However, there are always approaches you can take to remain relevant throughout the merger.

Here are a few easy and simple tips that will get you on your way to future employment with the new company

• Establish relationships with key staff and network with decision makers
• Get involved with integration and merger projects
• Take on leadership positions and new responsibilities
• Remain engaged with the changes that are taking place within the organization
• Be proactive and take initiative
• Remain informed
• Maintain a high level of motivation
• Demonstrate your desire to learn – Learn as much as you can
• Show you are flexible and capable of transitioning into new processes and procedures
• Remember to get out of your comfort zone and think outside the box
• Learn to be innovative
• Be open to change

While remaining relevant may only result in minimal benefits, it can be very helpful and can be a determining factor in future employment or becoming a casualty. Don’t let the merger get the best of you. Instead enter the boxing ring fully prepared and equipped to put up a good fight! One, two, three… fight!

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