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Relocate Revolution Campaign Revs Up

Relocate Revolution Campaign Revs Up
Relocate Revolution Campaign Revs Up
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Every once in a while a television program comes along and will be canceled pre-maturely, then something happens that causes fans to save the show from extinction. This year NBC canceled the hit series Revolution after its second season and the fans have rallied to save the show.

Shortly before the show was officially canceled by the network, the fans began campaigning to Save Revolution and once it had been canceled the Save changed focus to Relocate. Fans began contacting other networks, sending messages via Twitter and Facebook and making YouTube videos in an effort to save a well written, thought provoking show. Fans have begun forums to help to save a show from the history books. The #RelocateRevolution forum helps identify locations and networks to contact to make the fans voices heard.

Over 40,000 fans and viewers have signed the Revolution petition to have the show picked up by another network whether that is cable networks or Netflix. Those wanting to sign the petition to Save, Relocate and have a Season 3 of Revolution can do so at the petition site website.

Campaigns to save shows have worked in the past, including Arrested Development, The Magnificent Seven, Star Trek and Cougar Town. Hopefully networks will be smart enough to save another show that definitely has interest and fans to tune in. When the ratings were in the range of 2-4 million viewers weekly, who wouldn't want to renew a show like Revolution?