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Reliving the past: Best moment of E3 this decade



  • Bungie 5 years ago

    E3 has a lot of great momemts , each time Microsoft announced a steal from a PS3 exlusive only to make it better and bigger on our American masterpiece called Xbox 360!

    I can't wait for the next E3 , these games will come to the 360: Last Guardian (tamagochi wanna be but is welcome) , FFX Versus XIII with extra exclusive DLC and KHIII only on Xbox 360. All these announcements are confirmed just wait and see !

    Sometimes i feel pitty for the japanese PS3 toy...

  • Deitylink 5 years ago


    lol "all these announcements are confirmed" nice one, quite the industry inside you are..can i have your autograph?

  • bungie is a sad guy 5 years ago

    bungie is a sad guy, its true

  • Bungie IS a sad guy! 5 years ago

    I agree.

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