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Relive the ECW Glory Days with "Kings of Hardcore" RIGHT NOW!!!!

Do you miss the original ECW? Well CLICK HERE to get your fix!! is proud to announce the launch of the “King’s of Hardcore” series on their iPPV network. Any Original ECW or pro wrestling fan will enjoy “King’s of Hardcore”. “King’s of Harcore” isn’t an a reunion show but it contains HOURS of hard to find & CLASSIC matches from the ECW Glory Days!!!

True ECW fans remember the ECW glory days such as their weekly TV show on channel 48 (No cable needed), their tapes on sale at RF Video at the Franklin Mills Mall, and them being banned from several arenas such as the Woodhaven Sports Complex, Wildwood Convention Center, and more. Many are very skeptical when someone advertises something that connects them to the original "ECW" as they should be since there has been so many watered down products since they meant their demise.

Now thanks to wrestling promoter Dave Parsons, fans can tune into to relive some of the magic that contributed to the rise of the LEGEND that will always be remembered of ECW! Many wonder how is this possible? Doesn’t the WWE own everything? Not according to Dave Parsons who put this series together. Dave explained “Rob Feinstein (RF video) taped every house show that ECW ever did. Like 580 some and over 3500 matches. Rob purchased our old school DVD's for his site and I got to looking at the house show stuff and starting thinking with commentary how much better it would be. So we did an agreement and here we are.”

“Kings of Hardcore” is broken into a 3 part series, hopefully more, and each part will be aired in it’s entirety on iPPV OnDemand, so fans can watch it any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also once fans order “King’s of Hardcore” once they can re watch this program as many times as they please!

Each part of the series is priced very low at $9.99 or you can purchase the entire 3 part series for only $19.95 by visiting

Wondering what “Original” ECW matches you will re live by ordering “Kings of Hardcore”? Well you should be! The match list is as follows:

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs Sabu
Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack
Ian Rotten vs Axel Rotten
Dean Malenko vs Tazz
Sandman vs Raven
Ron Simmons vs Jim “The Anvil” Niedhart
Lance Storm vs Louie Spicolli
Sabu vs Tazz

Also to celebrate this tremendous event, is releasing FREE hard to find Pro Wrestling events at !! Also register now and watch a match on “Kings of Hardcore” absolutely free.

“I was a diehard ECW fan. I grew up in Philly so as a wrestling fan I grew up with ECW and witnessed the rise and fall. We at are proud to be able to offer this series so not just ECW but pro wrestling fans in general can go back and witness the magic that made ECW legendary. As a fan I enjoyed every minute and I am sure most fans will too” touted, COO, Tim Kudgis.

Intrigued? Interested? Want more? Go to and ORDER NOW before it is too late!!

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