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Relisha Rudd task force, man stabbed at subway station

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Yesterday was a profound day for a volunteer group called the Relisha Rudd Task Force. The group continues to follow-up in finding the missing eight-year-old girl who has been missing over two months. The group is determined to find her, dead or alive.

The task force implemented the advice of a psychic and in searching the 700-acre Kenilworth Park found bones. But the bones were determined to be animal instead of human bones.

The psychic was introduced on “The Relisha Radio Show” created by Keith Warren, 32, who now has a following. The Washington Post reported the following on Warren in a recent article that depicts the following –

It is that possibility that has also prompted the girl’s family members to take part in “The Finding Relisha Radio Show.” Several of her relatives, some of whom have not spoken publicly anywhere else or have done so only briefly, have repeatedly called in, answering questions posed by strangers who, at times, curse and berate them for not doing enough.

There are no timid questions on the show. Dark theories and cutting accusations are casually swapped. The conversation is messy and raw, reflecting emotions that have raged since Relisha — a wide-eyed girl who slept with a teddy bear — was taken nearly two months ago by a custodian at the Southeast Washington homeless shelter where she lived with her mother and three younger brothers. The janitor, Kahlil Tatum, 51, allegedly killed his wife, Andrea, before fatally shooting himself in a Northeast Washington park.

The Relisha radio show is at once a church, a courtroom and a group therapy session. It is a search party.

More on the article can be found here: has written an article on the Relisha Rudd case that can be read below.

Man Stabbed at Ballston Station

Two men were arrested in a stabbing that occurred last night around 8:40 p.m. in Arlington, Va. at the Ballston Metro subway station. The stabbing took place on the subway platform. NBC4 Washington has identified one suspect as 52-year-old Jeffrey Kenneth Hicks with no known address.

The victim’s wounds were treated at a local hospital and his condition is now stable. The cause of the stabbing is under investigation but believe an altercation occurred beforehand.

Metro police will target surveillance videos to capture how the incident happened.