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Relisha Rudd, missing from Washington, D.C. home

Relisha Rudd is missing for days from her Washington, DC home
Relisha Rudd is missing for days from her Washington, DC home
FBI press releases

Relisha Rudd is a elementary school age child who lives in a Washington, D.C. housing project with her Mother and siblings.

By all accounts, a man who worked at the facility befriended she and her family, asking to spend solo hours with her over the past summer through the present. Police reports from the area indicate that she was one of many girls "befriended" by the janitor, all against program rules, and all against everyone's Monday morning quarterback judgment.

Accounts fragment as to why she was with her adult friend, now captor, possible murderer. Eventually that will be told.

The focus has been on a trinity. Of the janitor, his wife and Relisha. There is a question, whether Relisha saw the janitor kill his wife, as the wife was found dead in a motel room, during a time when Relisha was reportedly in the care or company of this man. The wife was discovered dead, actually when the police were looking for Relisha. Except accounts are that she too was not picked up from the room when he left the property, and he never returned to the property after leaving it in the car of a friend, going to a train station?

This writer is not clear about what dates Relisha was seen at a hotel room, alone with him. It also wasn't clear if she was seen later, with him at her own property complex, the DC Shelter, though there are reports of two sightings possibly there.

Timing of Amber Alerts is odd, and absent and that is actually a national issue, potentially. The Mom says she never police reported the missing daughter, and later notes the police did not ask her to, and that she was afraid of CPS or police removing her children, upon the formal introduction of a question of missing with an adult man.

Recent reports under DC's Shomari Stone, note the Mother to say she did not make any reports because she was sure her daughter was with her Mom and sister, and then that the janitor had no definite malicious traits shown on or off the job, over the years the family has resided in this shelter. The family denies they had, or had planned to care for #Relisha at all.

But school reports note the Mother and Grandmother both made calls or confirmed that Relisha was ill, and that the Janitor was a treating physician for a bizarre illness. School never asked, and never even with days of absence, had any reflective thought about a truancy or well check on the situation for #Relisha to be produced.

Perpetrators are male and female, they are slick and 'normal' at the same time. They aren't the bad man in the shadows, and sometimes the person who is the utmost politeness and who is in some community or kid helping job is the one. The US has no protocol to expedite a report, per the schools on an absent child which two or three adult relatives and the janitor who conspired to reduce awareness of any alert, responsible reporting agency... like the school, social workers or even property staff. In this preceding link, note girls are more likely to be sexually abused by a trusted male.

A recent NYT sex trade revenue article notes Atlanta to be a hot spot for sex trade, and that child sex, child assault and child porn more often happen as a matter of TRADE and proximity than for pay.

However, street market value on child porn sex tapes, of children being assaulted and abused are going for about 1500$ for about 15 minutes of material. With cellphones and the web, transmission of sex abuse material is instantaneous, with dividends returned on credit accounts, or debit cards..... or in other inkind services.

Sex abuse, sex trade or child porn as an act of revenge in custody is an emerging using children to retaliate unhappiness in marital relations or dispersal.

Victimization of children in more sophisticated ways is possible. Whatever the other girls ( there were two or three) tell the police will perhaps be priceless in solving the process of what transpired for Relisha. The problem with sex assault is that children may be drugged and have no idea about where they are, who they are with and what is happening, if they don't understand about sex, sex abuse or porn. Drugged just leaves the victim in a suspended state of consciousness. And if you don't know where you are, or your chaperone is acting against you , what then?

Erin Merryn is a social worker, writer and activist, calling for change in laws about how child sexual abuse is handled. And it looks like DC doesn't have this and isn't talking about it.

It is remarkable that there appears to be a limited amount of foottraffick about Relisha on the web.

But as with Myra, the little girl 2, missing from Camden, Mississippi, it is relevant that the FBI almost immediately posted for her return. Which implies that there is some belief of a pinnacle event about to happen, and all cases of missing kids have a better window in which to be found, or that there is a lethality quotent, some way to measure mathematically, when certain events present, that increases the chance of a bad thing having happened.

Certainly the janitor buying plastic bags and lime and a shovel is not so good. But what about the media. Some hardcore journalists, who track black community issues with diligence are on it. Like Shomari Stone, and

But there is an eerie almost silence about lots of people tapping keys.

How many people are on Spring Break? DC isn't until mid April.

What makes people ask questions or not? How do we decide who gets help and who does not, in social media and in the news?

@MiamiHerald did a story on kids in State CPS pervue, but this case is absent that, though the family had contact with that agency before.

How early to act? Who should act?

Is this family a family who would have qualified for some other supports with trauma informed care, given their history? Trauma and longterm poverty seem to care Again, if there is diligence in a family or community to manage a secret, the secret will be kept, no matter how many billboards or how much money is involved.

The Atlanta case of Julie Love is first in this writer's mind. Permanent residents of Atlanta, saw the tv news, papers and radio and billboards. The girlfriend of the killer was present with them and the victim the day she was captive and died. Wearing the ring of Julie Love, that had been plastered across the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper as a clue ever after the crime. Then it was like 10 years before the girlfriend broke it off with the killer, and decided to report and collect the reward, which she was given, along with testimonial traded for immunity in prosecution. The body finally discovered, and laid to rest. That destroyed Julie Love's family for 10 years. And made the community nervous about creepers and also child kidnappers... 'cause that was all about the same time.

People in authority, whether from the pulpit, or black news, please speak. My local black newspaper did not list #Relisha, but has listed others that "white" news does not list as missing. Ke'alya is still missing, it seems. Rally for our kids.

Please share this, like this or send this. Because at least one other person, besides Relisha and the janitor really know where she is.

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