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Relinquish Excuses

Talking about change is easy- the decision to actually commit to change is the challenge. We all have conversed enthusiastically about changes that we would like to see in our life. We may say things like “if it were more like this, or less like that…then… “. However, when it comes to actualizing the vision, take notice of the excuses that come up for you. It may be a lack of resources such as time, money, and/or support. It could be an inundation of feelings (tiredness, confusion, fear and doubt are common ones). It could simply be resistance to being dedicated to something. Take inventory of the most frequent excuse(s) that you use to stop yourself from moving forward. Underlying that excuse is a belief system that is broken and needs repair in order for you to start reciting affirmations of your ability. If we find that we are more committed to justifying the faulty reasoning, rather than the restoration of the belief system, it may mean that we are not ready to surrender to an inevitable new reality. This is okay as long as we are able to be honest with ourselves about it. There are times when the conversation may simply be to vent or dream, rather than an actual commitment to action. There are other times, when we convince ourselves that our partner, children, boss, friend or family is more accountable to our reality than we are. We may hope that they act in a particular way in order to incite a dynamic shift in our experience. Whether they do or not, it is truly our own readiness to behave differently, lessen our attachment to the excuses, and reprioritize that will lead to our greater fulfillment.