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Religiously-backed, Anti-Gay Marriage Proposition 8 to be challenged in federal court

Protesters bring out the big puns and fight Prop 8 and religious hatred
Protesters bring out the big puns and fight Prop 8 and religious hatred
Photo: Associated Press

In 2008, for the first time in CA state history, a majority of citizens voted to amend the state constitution to take away the rights of a minority by outlawing same-sex marriage within the state. Unsurprisingly, this disturbing display of prejudice was supported and funded in large part by religious groups including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and the Roman Catholic Church (Popies).

The good progressives of California have been continually fighting the proposition since before it passed over a year ago, inflaming and frustrating those poor Prop 8-ers who only ever meant to serve God by taking away rights (as God has willed it; amen). And on January 11th, a formal challenge to Proposition 8 will be heard in federal court.

The judge for this case is still deciding whether to allow the hearing to be televised, and you can guess how the Mormons and Popies feel about that. They'd like this trial to be nice and clean and in the closet, just like their gay brothers and sisters (hate the sin, not the sinner; amen). Please take twenty seconds to send this note off to the judge, telling him that the trial must be televised, so the world can see to it that justice prevails, and that the separation between church and state is (at long last) upheld.


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