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Religious versus secular preschools

Parents are changing their views on choosing between a preschool that is part of a church or religious organization and one that is secular in its school setting. Preschoolers do not form religious ideas as such at a young age, but they do benefit from beginning learning activities if they attend a preschool that is part of a church or temple setting. Most preschools do not require parents to be a member of the church or temple if they choose to enroll young child in the preschool sponsored by the church or temple. Life skills combined with a beginning introduction to a life of faith is often a great third option to public schools or secular private schools.

Preschoolers saying blessing over lunch
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Preschools that are part of a church or temple do not teach church doctrine as such, but there are often curriculum choices that are approved by the church doctrine or temple. Parents like the fact that preschools that are sponsored by a church or temple teach basic skills such as kindness and empathy for peers. These are universal skills that every young child can begin to learn as important pieces to the social skills puzzle. Parents also appreciate the fact that preschools that are sponsored by a church or temple are also less expensive than a secular preschool.

Sarasota has many choices for preschools that are part of a church or temple. Sarasota Christian School is one of the choices that parents find appealing. This school is a good choice for parents who are looking for continuity for their child in a school that is associated with a religious educational environment. Sarasota Christian School enrolls children in grades pre-k through 12th grade. The opportunity to attend a school that is catagorized as a religious school through the 12th grade is important for parents and children in that families can experience 12 years in one setting. Bonds are built with this experience and children receive continuity in learning about faith with peers. You may call 941-371-6481 for more information about Sarasota Christian School. You may also log on at

St. Paul's Early Childhood Learning Center provides a safe and nurturing Christian environment for young children ages 2-5 years. The curriculum prepares young children both for successful academic learning and for life skills learning. St. Paul's Early Childhood Learning Center also offers free Voluntary Pre- Kindergarten for 4-year-olds in a Christian environment. St. Paul's Early Childhood Learning Center is located at 2256 Bahia Vista in Sarasota. You may call 941-955-6480 for a scheduled tour. You may also log on at www. to learn about the Christian learning environment.

Temple Emanu-El Preschool begins on August 18th for the 2014-2015 school year. The preschool has a 4-star rating from the organization in Sarasota that rates the quality of early childhood learning environments in the community. The preschool is also nationally accredited. Hands-on learning is developmentally appropriate for early learners. Jewish enrichment and cultural holidays are also a part of the preschool program at Temple Emanu-El. Traditional preschool hours as well as extended care hours are offered. The Temple wishes to offer its quality preschool to every family in Sarasota. You do not have to be Jewish to enroll your child or to participate in the family activities. Preschool Director Elaine Sharrock welcomes interested parents to contact her at 941-377-8074 or

Give your child a valuable early education in basic life skills that are also part of Christian beliefs. Families are looking for an alternative to public schools and secular private schools. An educational environment that is part of a church or temple is a great third option for your child's education.

Check out the included video. You can avoid a scenario like this one if you choose an educational environment for your child with connections to a church or temple if your family lives a life of faith.

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